cornell pre- meds?

<p>i really need some serious guidance in planning my classes& have a lot of questions, so i was wondering if there was any kindhearted pre- med cornellian out there who would help me out?</p>

<p>if you could give me your e-mail address, or just e-mail me @ <a href=""></a>,
i'll just ask some questions about classes& ec's& stuff.</p>

<p>any help would be much appreciated!</p>

<p>why email? it would be helpful if the information was out to the public</p>

<p>He's already gotten gunnerism down. That's step #1 to being a successful premed ;)</p>

<p>if i may ask, what is gunnerism? :)</p>

<p>and i prefer e-mail b/c...well, i've found that some people in cc
are highly sensitive and react explosively to the most innocuous of questions.
yeah, the chances pre- med questions offending people are slim...
but i learned that w/ cc, you really never know.</p>

<p>I was just joking.</p>

<p>If you want, you can PM me with your questions as I'm an ex-Cornell premed. I don't do email since my email signature has my name and med school affiliation on it. I'd like to retain whatever semblance of anonymity I have left after 6000 posts.</p>

If you want, you can PM me with your questions as I'm an ex-Cornell premed.


<p>You call yourself an ex? Once a Cornellian, always a Cornellian!</p>

I'd like to retain whatever semblance of anonymity I have left after 6000 posts.


<p>That's true, because I think I've figured out the rest of the regulars out.</p>

You call yourself an ex? Once a Cornellian, always a Cornellian!


<p>Ex-premed. Always a Cornellian.</p>

<p>I've moved onto bigger, more grueling, more painful, and more expensive things (ie med school). Speaking of which, I'm taking my boards in 2 weeks. I'm using the hardest question bank possible. It tells you what % of Qbank users got each question right. For some of the questions, literally only 5-10% of the people get them right. You know you're in med school when you have a better shot just guessing!</p>

<p>As a Chem major, I would like to take CHEM2150, but I can't seem to work it into the schedule with other classes in the way (KOREA1101, in particular). Will it be alright if I just take CHEM2070 or is 2150 strongly recommended?</p>

<p>Can't you take Korean another time? </p>

<p>Chem 215-216 is strongly recommended. In fact, very little of Chem 216 will be emphasized in the Chem 207-208 sequence as that's more geared towards premeds/bio majors.</p>

<p>Well, I'm a pre-med Chemistry major, but I suppose CHEM2150 is still more important, yes?</p>

<p>Additionally, I'd like to start Korean my first's not fulfilling foreign language requirement for me, I do want to try and learn the language.</p>

<p>Ahh, wait. I found a way...but it means my Physics course would be 1112 rather than 2207 (is that too crazy?)</p>

<p>PHYS 1112
CHEM 2150
KOR 1011
[insert FWS here]
Total Credits: 17</p>

<p>Why are you taking physics and not bio your first semester? </p>

<p>I don't recommend autotutorial physics freshman year.</p>

<p>i dont think Phys 1112 is autotutorial</p>

<p>PHYS1112 is autotutorial? It just says it's for engineers and prospective physics majors.</p>

<p>I don't fancy biology (hence why I'm not majoring in it) and I can't understand how it works. Say, if I take BIOG 1350 (Introductory Cell and Developmental Biology), do I also have to take BIOG 1500 (Investigative Biology Laboratory) since BIOG 1350 has no lab component? If so, I wouldn't be able to due to Korean. Also, I saw someone say on the Pre-Med subforum that one does not have to take Bio their freshman year (that Sophomore year is fine)</p>

<p>Ah sorry, misread the course coding. I hate the fact Cornell has gone to the four digit course codes since I graduated.</p>

<p>You can take biology anytime of course. It's just more traditional to take an easier course like bio rather than physics your freshman year. As for bio, you need 2 semesters of bio lecture and 2 semesters of bio lab. You can mix and match those or you can take a course that already has a lab component. Either way, you just need to complete the lab requirement by the time you graduate.</p>

<p>hey i just emailed you, so check your email</p>