Cornell RD 2024

Hotel and ILR send some acceptances before Ivy day

ILR not this year

I hope more SHA acceptances are released tomorrow.

I agree, there is no way acceptance letter are out since the Ivies all agree on the same release date

i. Common Notification Date
On a common date, usually in late March, applicants to Ivy League institutions will be notified of admission decisions and financial aid awards. (Letters are mailed beginning in February for the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell, and Industrial and Labor Relations and beginning in February for the School of Nursing at Penn.)

In practice, this usually happens during the very early days of March. I don’t know if ILR still follows this timeline.

How do you know that ILR is not doing it this year? And do you know why?

I called ILR admissions a couple days ago… they are releasing on Ivy day

Accepted to SHA RD. Got a letter in the mail with my acceptance yesterday. No hooks and 33 ACT.

Damn. Is Ivy day the 26? I applied ED to SHA and got deferred. Also, does SHA defer everyone?

Thank you for the update on ILR and good luck!

I also received an acceptance letter for SHA! The date of the letter was March 2nd

Am I the only one who checks my portal everyday even though I know damn well a decision will only be posted in two weeks

idk how i forgot about this until now, but in late Jan Cornell added items to my financial aid “to-do” list and I emailed back and forth with them a few times to get it cleared up.
The financial aid stuff doesn’t mean anything, right?

Where can we find this? I can’t find it on my portal?,rg.cuniv.student&WAreason=1&sImper=0

Cornell Engineering has also historically sent out some early writes…though not sure about this year yet.

@binlee that link takes me to the login page, and then says “access denied” when I try to login now

Hey! I’m an international applicant and got a Duolingo test request. How did it go?

I’m an International applicant and got the email too

@underground1 It was good, got a decent score. What country are you from if you don’t mind? And also when did you get it?