Cornell RD 2024

I saw no one started a thread yet. I’m very excited about decisions and wondering who got alumni interviews? I didn’t and I applied to Dyson. I saw about 50% of applicants to Cornell get one?

I had one and I applied to CALS.

I had one but I applied to AAP Architecture and they’re mandatory

I had an interview around two weeks ago. It wasn’t the best interview I had (that honor goes to Princeton), it was still very insightful and intriguing. As a prospective Computer Engineering major, we talked a lot about project teams, which are something that I really like and something that makes that school unique to the other schools I applied to. Keep in mind that were still in interview phase, so you could still be contacted. Even if you don’t get one, it doesn’t place you in a disadvantage. Either way, I hope you can still snatch one as they’re super useful and great practice! Good luck everyone!

I had a phone interview for CAS in January.

I had a phone interview for CALS last week, but I don’t think we’re still in the interview phase because my alumni told me that they had to submit reports on 2/16.

No interview here. Although, we live only 40 minutes away, probably didn’t want to waste an interviewers time, besides having a lot of Cornell alums in my area anyways.

Did get a request for an additional financial form through College Board for Cornell so maybe a good sign?

Hello, any international here who was asked to complete the Duoling English test, although he or she submitted the IELTS/TOEFL. Btw I have a 7.5 on IELTS.

I applied to Arts and Sciences and got an interview.

I applied to Arts and Sciences (Astronomy) and got an interview. It didn’t really go that well, me and the interviewer didn’t really click. She asked me for the specifics that I put on my application, which I couldnt remember because it was submitted over a month before the interview. It also seems weird to ask what’s on my app, if this is meant to supplement it

I applied to CALS and I had an interview. It went super well, we talked about access to technology and obscure classes at Cornell. My alumni also sent me a followup email (saying “thank you” and answering questions in detail) just hours after the interview.

My D applied for Computer Science and had her alum interview Jan26. Ivy Day can’t come soon enough!

has anyone heard anything from SHA?

I’m an international student from a country where no alumni are present.
However, I’ve received interview offers via Skype from other universities.
Does not getting an interview by now indicate that all hope is lost for Cornell?

Only college of architecture, arts, and planning and school of hotel administration offer interviews. Also the offer of interviews depends on the availability of alumni. I won’t sweat it.

My son applied Dyson for business and had in-person interview end of January. Local alumni who graduated in the 90’s. He thought it went very well and enjoyed meeting her. I dont if it helps though.

Applied ILR got one mid-february. Not many people apply ILR from California and my interviewer went to ILR and said he could count on his hand how many people he interviewed apply out of California to ILR.

Hi. Any updates with SHA?

I just received my acceptance in the mail today. I live in CT

There’s no way they’re sending out acceptance letters yet. The Ivy agreement is to release them on Ivy Day, which is March 26.