Cornell RD Class of 2025

Hi everyone, I didn’t see a thread for this so just created one.
I applied yesterday fresh off an EA rejection :slightly_smiling_face:


hopefully we can get in!!! I feel like I wrote my strongest essays for Cornell, so of all reach schools this is the one I feel best about.

hey I’m a prospective human eco applicant deferred from Dartmouth ED :slight_smile: I haven’t started my cornell essay yet LOL

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Good luck!!! It’s honestly not that bad. I just did a narrative about my interests and how that translated to Cornell (specifically Cornell Engineering).

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Thank you and good luck to as well with engineering!!

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you* haha

I see on one of your chance me posts you applied as neuroscience and gender studies. What major in CHE are you applying for?

CALS has a marginally higher acceptance rate, but not enough to influence where you apply. Apply wherever you can write the best essay.

I would guess about 35-40% were accepted ED, considering 30% were accepted in ED/RD last year.

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Look at the 4 year plan of study for the major in both colleges. Generally speaking, most students will have a profile that aligns better with one college or the other. Cornell wants to see that you are a good fit for their colleges.

Also looking for an opinion. I want to do engineering, but I don’t know if I should apply to the CoE or the CAS and transfer. I feel like I might have a better chance at being accepted if I apply to CAS since it accepts more students, but I don’t know. Thanks!


No, unfortunately, Cornell decided last year to no longer release these results as they didn’t want to dissuade potential candidates from applying.

whichever one your application aligns with better.

Not sure - either health policy or human bio

Just make sure you’re very genuine in your essay—I believe they reject a lot of people because it’s ‘easier’ to get in through CHE.

oh i didn’t even know people thought CHE was less selective. I just think it fits more with my interest in healthcare management/policy + public health

Yeah, statistically it is somewhat easier to get into than CAS, but I’ve heard that the pool is very self selective so it probably isn’t that much easier to get in.

We are from NY.
Cornell CALS (NY Funded) is test blind(won’t look at all scores).
CAS is test optional (and super scores).

DC’s single SAT is 1560 and superscore is 1580. DC is going to major in biology. We want to maximize the chances for DC’s acceptance into Cornell.
Test-blind CALS may get more applications.

Which one is less difficult to get in? Keeping money on the side, which one would you recommend for DC? (CAS or CALS)

this is entirely anecdotal but I’ve heard that the contract colleges are just as competitive as the private colleges for NY residents because the decreased tuition causes a lot more people to apply. Who really knows though. I do think the CALS essay would be easier to write but then the 1580 isn’t considered…