Cornell RD Class of 2025

No. If you don’t get the transfer spot the only way to get in is to transfer later. However, it’s not easy to transfer in and my suggestion is to try to love the school you are going end up at. My son is going to Michigan instead of Cornell for Engineering (they don’t give transfer options anyway for that) and he is way more excited than I expected. Have also already seen things about their program that COE at Cornell doesn’t have, so he’s moved on, you should try to as well. Then if miserable you can think about it.

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Transfer option went out with rejections this year. I don’t know if they send a second batch of those out. Can’t hurt to put in your letter though.

Did you get your financial aid yet bc I didn’t

Apparently there was something wrong with mine? Like they could’ve notified me before, but they didn’t? I had nothing on my to do list, but…

No…i have not gotten my financial aid, but i told my parents I would call them if I don’t get it soon

FYI for TO people, guys. :slight_smile:

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We did not get a FA package yet. S21 called and they said could be another 10 days. We had all necessary information submitted.

Hello again!
My daughter applied ED to Dyson where she was deferred and then finally offered the TO in the RD round. Now we are at odds with how to best proceed as she really wants to go to Cornell, but would have to attend UM for her first year and hope that the credits will transfer and align with the core curriculum requirements, etc. To me this is the biggest concern. She loves the location of UM and the interdisciplinary aspect of the program and the co op option. But she is a well adapted kid who would be happy anywhere and would definitely forgo the “sun” for a spot at Dyson, at this juncture…
we are visiting UM next week.

I read your comments regarding how difficult TO can be for some students, but since Dyson is so small I am not that concerned as my daughter is extremely social and will make friends.

Is Cornell really that much better than UM? We received the Presidential award at UM - which is helpful, but not really significant and I am not sure what Cornell will offer, but not expecting too much. Hoping to try to negotiate with UM for more $$ via appealing our financial aid package.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated sage! You are a pro at this and have enjoyed reading your comments.

… disregard then

i think hes talking about University of Miami in Florida, not UMich

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Sorry … didn’t catch that. It’s a great location and a beautiful campus and all, but yeah… I think TO would come in handy.

Trying :,)

Which UM do you mean? U-Miami in Florida? Ohio? Minnesota? Michigan? If she has transfer option I am sure there is a list of what transfers and what doesn’t but I would probably check with advising in Dyson and see. I am assuming Florida since you said sun and there is definitely not a lot of sun in Ithaca!

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Also with TO you don’t have to commit now anyway. They are vastly different schools and campuses!! Hard to explain but I can’t imagine going from U-Miami to Cornell. They are like two night and day schools. My daughter has a girl in her sorority that they had to take because she was in that sorority at the school she went to freshman year. It has not been a fit. Similar story at her friend’s sorority. No one should have to worry about putting their life on hold in college because they plan to transfer elsewhere yet at the same time some don’t want to give a school they’re at a chance either. Is Cornell worth 80k+ a year? I guess it’s all relative and if it is the difference in a full scholarship in a good program or going into debt I would say absolutely not.

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About 8%

Cornell does not publish acceptance rates, but I’ve been hearing (from Cornell employees) that RD acceptance rate was around 6.5-7.5% and total acceptance rate was around 9%. These could be off though.

Does anyone know how likely it is to get off the waitlist for the Dyson school? or what Dyson’s yield rate is?

They will be publishing them in a few months. Legally they have to, but last year they made the decision to delay when they publish them and so waited until August to do so for the Class of 2024.

But they did list somewhere their total number of applicants on their website and somewhere else they listed how many were accepted, as it was printed in an article somewhere I read (I can’t remember offhand) so anyone can calculate overall acceptance rate and I believe it is somewhere in that 9% rate.

From the Cornell Daily Sun, Cornell accepted 5,836 students this year when they received “17,000 more applications than last year” (when they had 51,500 applicants). Doing the math and rounding to the tenths place, that means the acceptance rate was 8.5% overall. It will be interesting to see the yield numbers for this year and also the breakdown between ED and RD.

Thanks for looking it up. I knew I had read it somewhere but honestly was just too lazy to go back and look again!

The more detailed breakdown will come after a few months like last year.

I have a question about Cornell Housing: do they take into consideration your financial aid when giving u a certain dorm room(like a single room, super single, double, quad)? Because the rooms are different cost depending on what you get. Singles are more expensive than quads but if I were to apply for a single will they not give me one if they think I cannot afford it?

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