Cornell RD Class of 2025


It was a 35 superscore based on two early tests at end of junior year, but as I understand colleges that accept superscore including Penn, it is treated the same as a regular score. Hoping that is the case with Cornell too

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My daughter says that she is the one who asked the questions, so it was more of an informal conversation if anything. She prepared some questions so that she wouldn’t be caught off guard. I don’t think she expected to be the one to drive the conversation though. It doesn’t sound like she received any feedback.


hi everyone, how do interviews at cornell work? do they give them to everyone? or just to specific majors

CAAP is the only school that requires interviews. Art majors are also encouraged to have an interview.

The rest of the colleges offer alumni meetings to applicants, if there are alumni available in an applicants’ area. Alumni meetings are non evaluative and this cycle, there isn’t even a report submitted, just if a meeting happened or not.

oh okay, thanks. however, there’s a button at the side of my portal that says that I can connect with an alumni through the CAAN network. do i press that button?

Yes! Great opportunity to make a more personal connection and learn more about the university. Also shows some demonstrated interest.

I watched this YouTube with this interviewer saying that she always recommends the interviews. It won’t hurt because they always report good things about the students no matter if the interview was bad or awkward.

However, I don’t think interviews weigh much in the acceptance process . The most prestigious schools say they don’t care about the demonstrated interest.

Even though the original email says Informational meeting this what happened today for my son

My Son had interview today , interviewer told my son the Admissions office gave the him Evaluation form and it went pretty well but it was serious stuff interviewer asked many questions and apparently he was writing down. He need to submit the evaluation form to AO. We felt it seems quite important piece

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That’s interesting. My interviewer was this 20 year old who talked a lot about herself, cursed, and was extremely awkward. I’m not sure if I hope she filled out a form for me

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They do not submit anything to AO, so if they told your son that, your son was misinformed and the interviewer did not read through their packet of information or verse themselves on the process this year.

The interview carries absolutely no weight in the admissions process, other than them being told if an alumni met with the applicant or not.

@asdfgabjkl You don’t have to worry. There is no reporting back at all about how your interview went. Period. It has no weight in the decisions.

My neighbor is an alum and still works with her old sorority, and was telling me how she wasn’t sure if they were doing notes still so I was definitely nervous. In the end, interviews don’t seem to have too much weight considering my sisters interview went HORRIBLE and she still got into Engineering

No it is not, especially this year.

My friends are alumni interviewers. It was a big change from prior years, and they also tell the applicants that on the applicant portal that “meetings” are for informational purposes only. In the past they used to write a short summary but no longer are doing that as of this year.

The only college that does actual interviews is CAAP or for art students.

The alumni interviews are non evaluative and there is no evaluation form this year. It’s a simple yes/no if the student met with the alumni.

If an alumni interviewer says something different, they haven’t been paying attention.

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Another useful link form Reddit

I have seen a few of you talk about a portal. My DD’s Application Status page states:

“Thank you for submitting your application to Cornell University. In early February we will email you with information about how to access your application checklist …”

There is nothing on the right side about an interview

Any insight? Should she reach out?

Thank you

Did I have to request one to get one? I never requested, and I got an email out of the blue, so I was really confused. So, does everyone who lives in the same general area as someone in the CAAAN automatically get one? This was what I was mainly confused about.

The CAAAN Interview form clearly states:

“Please note, this contact by a CAAAN member is not required and will not be used as an evaluative tool in our admission processes. Our alumni ambassadors offer informal, informational meetings to answer applicants’ questions and share more about the Cornell experience. No notes from this conversation will be included with your application.”

Please do not worry about interview impacting admission at Cornell.

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Same here with my sons portal.