Cornell Receives ‘Higher Than Target’ Admissions Acceptances for Class of 2024

"As health concerns and financial burdens reach record highs, high school seniors across the country are reconsidering how they want to spend the next four years.

Incoming first-year students were admitted off the waitlist before May 1 this year because, as the Cornell admissions office tracked responses in April, they knew accepted admissions offers were lower than desired, so ‘there was no reason to wait,’ Jonathan Burdick, vice provost for enrollment, told The Sun.

Responses from admitted waitlisted students in April were ‘very positive,’ Burdick said, balancing out enrollment numbers.

By the official May 1 commitment day, Cornell received acceptances from 3,344 first-year students, a number that is ‘higher than our target,’ Burdick said." …

Is there any information on whether CALS admitted anyone from the WL? In another thread there is evidence of other Cornell colleges taking from the WL but no info on CALS. CALS has gone completely silent. They are not responding to any emails and are unreachable by phone. The general assumption at this point is that there is no point in holding out hope for CALS WL but some form of communication from CALS would be appropriate at this point.

doesnt really make sense because they were still calling off WL after May 1

@Luckyjade2024 It does if he authorized more than the 99 that they let in before May 1. The article says they are offering 164 spots off the wait list, and the NY Times article reported that they let 99 off the wait list before May 1, so they had nearly 70 spots left to trickle out after May 1. Who knows which schools had spots, and whether they’ve already contacted and filled those 70 spots, but it certainly seems like they are close to where they’d like to be for enrollment. If gap year requests come pouring in, or if international students all of a sudden can’t travel back, maybe things will continue to move more than they expect.

I gotcha…I think the international number is going to be staggering if they can’t travel into our country…that’s what I was basing it off. Not sure if they call more after that, and at what point?

According to a recent bond circular, Cornell received a record 51,508 applications this year, 5% more than 2019.

The College of Arts & Sciences received a record total of over 23,000 applications for this year’s class, and had a record low 9% admit rate. These numbers were released by Dean Ray Jayawardhana at a virtual reunion forum yesterday.

Cornell is in Tompkins Country, a county with a population of about 100,000. Tompkins County has had relatively few cases of Covid-19, & amazingly no deaths. The area is now in Phase 3 reopening, which is an encouraging development.

when does IPEDS release the admissions data this summer? are there any more hints as to what the 2024 admit rate was?

IPEDS admission data for class of 2024 will not appear on the NCES website until June 2021, when that website rolls over to the fall 2020 freshmen data. It will appear sooner on colleges’ websites in the 2020-2021 Common Data Set, though most colleges won’t publish their next CDS until early 2021.

In the meantime, you will be able to find class of 2024 acceptance rates in campus news articles and, starting in the early fall, often in colleges’ class profiles on their admission websites.

Good luck to those who’ll soon be starting their Cornell voyage. Next year’s class (2025) will be the first to benefit from the new residential expansion on North Campus.