Cornell Regular Decision Changes Engineering?!?

<p>wondering what you all think my chances are at Cornell regular decision for engineering</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA 4.0
Weighted GPA 4.5
Class Rank 5/400
SAT I 720M/630V=1350Combined
SAT II: Math IIC 780, more to come</p>

<p>500+ hours at local engineering firm - kid that worked there before me got into MIT RD w/ a 1370, so it obviously carries something (good rec)
national honor society
TSA President, VICA
varsity baseball and golf
Parks and Rec volunteer
more extracurriculars that i dont feel like typing</p>

<p>recommendations are pretty good
same with essays, nothing that will jump off the page though</p>

<p>Anywayz, feedback please!

<p>i would say ur chances are decent, considering ur rank and gpa, but honestly cornell's engineering program is probably tops in the ivies, and a 720 in the math isn't too impressive :(</p>

<p>im working on that 720... i got 800/800/770/770 on 4 practice tests before the 720.. i dunno what happened... but ill do it next time lol</p>

<p>haha, ya, ur obviously capable of it, but really they give so much time and the problems are just so straightforward, take like 2 mins on each...</p>

<p>i missed 4, i think they were all stupid careless... ect i do that way too often. i got a 5 on ap calc exam... so... i am obviously not a math retard</p>

<p>bc or ab? i'm just wonderin' if bc, was it hard? cuz i heard after u take the class it's a lot easier, like the material covered is in excess of what u need to know... is that tru?</p>

<p>i got 5 on AB, 4 on BC. because of block scheduling we were pushed in BC and didnt get to everything comprehensively.. all the AB stuff was easy as crap... but i just didnt know some of the BC stuff.. hince the 4. If i had another month of Prep i would have gotten a 5</p>

<p>ya, so it's fairly straightforward, if u go to class and get a's it should transfer into a 4/5?</p>

<p>umm no... i was the only 4 on bc at my school... if u study u can get high</p>

<p>ooh... good to know</p>