Cornell School of Hotel Administration chance?

Hi. I am interested in applying to Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration ED. I go to a private high school.
My GPA is a 3.879/4.0 (unweighted)
And my ACT scores are: 24 composite (23 E, 26 M, 21 R, 27 S) and 27 composite (32 E, 24 M, 30 R, 23 S)
First, Cornell doesn’t superscore but should I still send both scores??

My school doesn’t offer AP classes but here are my honors/advanced classes:
Spanish 4 Honors
US History Advanced and I will be taking the AP
Physics Honors
Pre-Calc Honors
I also will be taking an English AP

Next year I am taking all advanced/honors classes.

I play three sports and I am the captain of one and I have been on varsity for all sports all four years except Freshmen year lacrosse but I was captain. I am part of Service Committee and a Diversity Club and I volunteer at meal centers. I have received an athletic award with school and I will be taking a class at a college near my high school this fall.
Over the summer I spend my time living on a boat and working as a waitress.