Cornell Sophomore Transfer: Chances and Questions


<p>I will be starting college in US this fall at a private LAC. I am interested in transferring to Cornell for my sophomore year. I had applied to the arts and sciences division for freshmen admission but I was rejected.
For transfer, I want to apply to AEM or ILR. I am really interested in AEM but the problem is that it seems to be offered in an engineering-centered environment. As I have never studied natural sciences before, I don't know where I'd stand in the admission process. This is reason that I did not apply to AEM for freshmen admission.
Is it necessary to complete all course requirements? I don't know if I would be able to meet them in my first-year at the LAC.
What classifies as an academic writing course? I will be attending Bryn mawr College. I don't know if it offers one or not though it offers a creative writing programme.</p>

<p>These are my high school stats:</p>

<p>O-Levels (fresh and soph years): straight As
Business Studies-97
Pakistan Studies-97

<p>AS-Levls (junior year):
Business Studies-A</p>

<p>A-Levls (senior yr): Same subjects as AS-Levels. The result is pending.</p>


<p>Full scholarship from school for both AS and A-levels
4 Academics Awards from school for O-Levels.
World Distinction in Accounting AS-Level 2009 (along with a small cash prize from University of Cambridge International Examinations)
Regional Distinction for scoring the highest overall in AS 2009: Best Across Three and Four AS-Levels.
I got an academic award from my school for both the distinctions.</p>

<p>SAT1-2230 (M790, W800, V640)
SAT2-2370 (M1 800, M2 800, Physics 770)

<p>I have never studied natural sciences in my high school but for my physics SAT, I had to study from the scratch. I took it in my senior year.</p>

<p>My Ecs are pretty weak. I belong to a very small rural town in Pakistan. There is nothing much to do outside school</p>

<p>ECs: Writer and Editor for School Magazine (4yrs), Cricket (4yrs), badminton (4yrs), school Prefect (2 years), headgirl runner-up, 2 internships in the xport and finance depts of two of the leading firms of the city, SOS Village volunteer (1yr), Assistant Maths and Econ teacher at school (2yrs), Counsellor for juniors (2 yrs)....several others</p>

<p>I want to go for a Phd in economics or applied economics for grad school.</p>

<p>Please chance me.</p>

<p>Please do reply!!!
I have got to complete my highschool-related transfer work before leaving for US.</p>


<p>if you’re set on transferring, then it’s best to just have all the necessary forms or whatever from your HS anyway, so get them.</p>

<p>as for chances, HS work seems solid but as a transfer they want to see improvement and maturity during college, so it’s useless without knowing how you’re doing at bryn mawr.</p>


<p>Thanks for your response. </p>

<p>Could you please clarify my other queries as well?</p>

<p>1.Is it necessary to complete all course requirements? I have never studied Biology before so I am apprehensive as AEM is offered in College of Agriculture and Life sciences.</p>

<li>What classifies as an academic writing course? I will be attending Bryn mawr College. I don’t know if it offers one or not though it offers a creative writing programme.</li>

<li><p>Yes, all academic requirements must be completed (or in the process of completion) at the time you make your application to Cornell. There is very little (if any) leniency with this. </p></li>
<li><p>Academic writing = traditional freshman english course. Whatever Bryn Mawr requires freshman students to take should suffice for Cornell’s requirement.</p></li>

<p>Like Ironic said, you have a good HS record but we can’t tell you anything beyond that without seeing how your first semester of college goes.</p>