Cornell Student Charged with Dog Beating

<p>A Lexington man attending an Ivy League school in New York has been charged with allegedly beating a dog and pouring bleach on it while it was left in his care.</p>

<p>Cornell University student was charged with overdriving, torturing, and injuring animals, a misdemeanor.</p>

<p>Calls left at his home were not immediately returned.</p>

<p>Ithaca police said they received a call from his roommate at about 4 a.m. last Saturday. The roommate claimed he allegedly beat his dog, Princess, with a stick and poured laundry detergent and bleach on it after Princess chewed on a speaker wire. Police said they observed a cut to the dog?s head that exposed its skull, and saw two cigarette burns on the dog?s torso.</p>

<p>Princess was taken to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals and was treated. She will likely sustain diminished vision, and the hospital was expected to perform x-rays and a CT scan this week. Initial reports from the animal hospital said Princess suffered intestinal damage from ingesting the bleach and skin lesions on most of the dog?s body.</p>

<p>He is scheduled to appear in Ithaca City Court Thursday, March 21.</p>

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<p>amazing! that is exactly what we need to do during orientation </p>

<p>justttt kidding..I'm sure drunk cow tipping will be better lol</p>

<p>a speaker wire may be important..but come on.</p>

<p>That’s horrid…it makes me think of that study a Princeton professor did on how there are living “zombies” amongst us…that person must be a soulless zombie!</p>

<p>What a ****ing dickhead. Things like this disgust me.</p>

<p>That is disgusting.</p>

<p>he was arrested over the weekend for drug issues as well.
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<p>horrendous... what an idiot</p>

<p>That's so messed up, if I knew that kid I would hit him or like yell at him. Messed up kid...</p>

<p>cocoapunk- please don't "kid" about this..this is plain tragic</p>

<p>this is kind of irrelevant, but anyone ever heard of elizabeth shin? she was this MIT student a few years ago who burned herself to death.</p>

<p>That was "self abuse" not abuse of animals.</p>

<p>i said it was irrelevant... i was just wondering if people heard about it DUH</p>

<p>as your name implies: FOR KIDS</p>

<p>what are you saying
it was a simple question...i was just wondering if people had heard about her</p>

<p>I haven't, but that sure is interesting. But the incident with the dog abuse is not so shocking......this is not the first sick crime that a human has commited. If humans can do even worse things to those of their own species, it surely isn't surprising when someone participates in animal abuse.</p>