Cornell SuperScore?

Hi everyone. So I have a 1500 (800 English, 700 math, 15/24 essay) and a 1590 (790 English, 800 math, 18/24 essay) SAT. I was wondering if it would be worth it to SuperScore? I know the difference between a 1590 and 1600 is completely insignificant, but it SEEMS far greater than between a 1550 and a 1560, for example. I’m applying CAS for computer science, so I figured it might not be great for admissions to see a 700 math score, and (even though it hardly matters) I’d rather if they also didn’t see my 15/24 essay (although I’m not super proud of the 18/24 essay, either). This is definitely extremely nitpicky, but if I get denied I’ll definitely (wrongly) assume this was a factor. Thanks and sorry for being annoying!

IMO there’s not much value in a 1600 vs. 1590 super-score. The only value would have been with regards for qualifying for the US Presidential Scholars Program, which requires a 1590-1600 or 36 (in most states) in one sitting, IIRC.

Cornell CAS is test-OPTIONAL for this year, but does not outright state if they allow score-choice. This is likely the case, but I’d still recommend contacting the Admissions Office to be sure: that’s why they’re there! :smile: