Cornell Transfer Fall 2021

So next week is the last day for decisions?

I am a CALS applicant as well! I applied at the beginning of October:( this is so heartbreaking, what if we don’t get a decision at all?

my checklist disappeared CALS non-TO

What major u applied to? I hope you get accepted!!!

Thank you!! I applied to biological sciences

Any updates yet?

:cry: if you’re still waiting.

I just got into CALS for biometry and statistics


I guess nobody is using the thread anymore lol. Any acceptances/rejections from anyone?

I still have not heard back as a part of CALS. I called yesterday and all they said was that they were giving decisions every day instead of just Tuesday and that the selection process is still happening.

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Same here, still have not heard from CALS

Wait they said they’re releasing decisions everyday now and not just Tuesdays?

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Any other students waiting on the waitlist?

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I only saw several people get waitlisted so not sure. A lot of us that are left on the thread are just waiting for a decision in general.

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I am still waiting on CALS as well, does anyone know if its a good or bad sign that we are last?:pleading_face:

I am still waiting for a CALS decision in general. Is next week the last week?