Cornell Transfer Fall 2021

Anyone applying for fall 2021?

I am!!

I am as well! Applying to CALS hbu

I am! Im applying to CAS

Applying for CALS, Development Sociology!

Hi guys
Im thinking whether I should apply this year. Im an architecture major and sp2021 would be my third semester so I’m a sophomore transfer. Please gimme some advice!!

gpa (cc in CA): 3.5 (v low I know) (first semester:3.25, second semester:3.82, hope I can get a 4.0 in the coming semester)
hs gpa: I’m an international applicant and my school don’t use gpa (but my scores are awful)
SAT: 1500
extra curricular(cc): 1 part time job, two club committee, academic honor
extra curricular(hs): 2 part time job, VP of 3 clubs, co founder of a team, volunteer in political activities (not sure whether I should put this bc it might be sensitive)

courses I took in cc:
intro to archi - A
Archi Graphics I - B
Hist of Wrld Arch/Erly Civ/MA - A
College Comp & Reading - C
World Hist to 1500 - EW

[fall 2020]
Archi Design I - B
Archi Graphics II - A
Digital tools for Design - A
Hist of Wrld Arch: 18th C/Pres - A
English: Critical thinking - A
History of the US before 1865 - A
Introduction to sociology - A

hook: FGLI
unhook: need financial aid (which means my admission would become need-aware), got two b in major courses and a C in an eng course, no internship

I am actually a long term green card applicant. My application was accepted earlier but because of covid, there are still some process to go thru so I am not a citizen yet. Since I am not residing in the US, I guess Im not eligible for need-blind admission. If I apply next year, I am confident that I can push my gpa to 3.7. And If I can get my green card before the application, my admission would become need-blind. But I think applying in spring have some kind of disadvantages especially for architecture… Do you guys think I should wait for 2021sp? Or should I try first? Will applying twice harm my chance of getting in? Thank you very much.

Hi all, I am also applying as a transfer student for the Fall 2021 Semester. I will include some information below to help you all out.

Current University: Arizona State University - Barrett Honors College
Current College GPA: 4.02 (Capped at 4)
Current Year: Freshmen
ACT: 31
Race: Hispanic
HS GPA: Can’t remember but pretty poor, somewhere around average unweighted.

Hope this helps you all! Good luck everybody!

Hi! I’m applying to CAS.

I’m a CAS applicant as well! :slight_smile:

Hi guys!

I’m a freshman at MSU majoring in Neuroscience applying with 57.0 credits

College GPA: 4.0
High School GPA: 3.76 weighted
SAT: 1500

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Y’all have some impressive stats, I wonder what the transfer numbers will be this year.

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I think there are much much much fewer transfer applicants for almost every university this year? Do you guys feel so ?

Why do u think that? Or r u just empirically thinking that based on other CC threads?

Is Cornell really that easy to transfer too? I am thinking about sending a transfer app last minute after seeing you only need a personal statement to apply.

NYU GPA: 3.75
SAT: 1500
HS GPA: 3.69 W

weakness: My letters of rec are not as strong because I have not really connected with any of my professors

No Ivy transfer is easy. Cornell has the sophomore guaranteed transfer which may inflate the acceptance rate into the double digits. My adage is nothing ventured nothing gained. But I wouldn’t apply only to Cornell if you’re really intent on transferring.

Here is some additional info on transfers. Also be aware that some schools within the university have additional requirements such as SHA which asks for a resume.

Where do transfer students come from? Review the data below and learn more about Transfers at Cornell.

Number of enrolling transfer students

  • Women: 312
  • Men: 237
  • From two-year institutions: 78
  • African American, Asian American, Latino, and Native American transfer students: 166
  • International transfer students: 28
  • New York State transfer students: 187
  • Transfer students from the Northeast*: 148
  • Transfer students from outside of the Northeast*: 186 (214 if including international)

*includes New England and Mid-Atlantic

**2019 New Transfer Students by College ****

  • Agriculture and Life Sciences: 223
  • Architecture, Art, and Planning: 10
  • Arts and Sciences: 44
  • Engineering: 23
  • Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
    • The Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management: 47
    • School of Hotel Administration: 74
  • Human Ecology: 49
  • Industrial and Labor Relations: 118

**includes Spring Semester transfers. Cornell typically enrolls 80-100 new transfer students each Spring Semester.

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I am! I’m applying ILR

Does anyone know when decisions are likely to come out?

Hey @lalaliya I am no admissions officer but I do not think applying twice hurts your chances. You should apply for the sake of it just to see how far you get in admissions and next semester you can reapply. I know that colleges will have your previous grades and gpa but I do not think you should be nervous about it because if they see improvement the will definitely appreciate. Once again disclaimer I am NOT an admissions officer this is simply my point of view. Hope this helps!

I am also going to be adding my stats to set the picture

Current Year: Freshman
College: Mary Baldwin University- Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (started college at 16)
(I only went to hs for two years so most of my “hs ecs” also include middle school)
Applying to: Cornell ILR
Current Majors: Economics and Political Science
College GPA: 4.0/4.0 (for my freshman year)
HS GPA: Did not have the GPA system, I was in the International Baccalaureate MYP and scored 24/28 for the academic portion

HS EC’s:
Basketball: U14, U16, and U18. Co-captain and Team manager of U14. Starting Center in U16 and U18
Model UN: Delegated, Chaired, Hosted (Secretariat), and been the International Press for 15 MUN Conferences over three years
Show Choir and Vocals: Alto for three years
Theatre and Received Awards: Lead Female for four years in a row
Did research in the National University of Singapore for genetics (not related but yes)
Participated in a State Social Entrepreneurship conference

College ECs
President of Resident Hall Association Area Council (SGA)
Executive Treasurer of RHA (SGA)
Assistant Editor for Literary Mag
President of Criminal Justice and Leadership Club
Internship with a Tech start up (Environment based)
College English TA Candidate (could not continue due to COVID-19)
President of PEG Alumnus Mentorship

Thanks for reading :grin:

Anyone know how to delete your standardized scores from CommonApp? I have submitted to one college but I dont want to submit to other schools but its not letting me delete it.

You can’t edit the transfer app at all after you submit it to even 1 school. the only thing you can do is add more activities/accomplishments