Cornell Transfer Fall 2021

Anyone applying for fall 2021?

I am!!

I am as well! Applying to CALS hbu

I am! Im applying to CAS

Applying for CALS, Development Sociology!

Hi guys
Im thinking whether I should apply this year. Im an architecture major and sp2021 would be my third semester so I’m a sophomore transfer. Please gimme some advice!!

gpa (cc in CA): 3.5 (v low I know) (first semester:3.25, second semester:3.82, hope I can get a 4.0 in the coming semester)
hs gpa: I’m an international applicant and my school don’t use gpa (but my scores are awful)
SAT: 1500
extra curricular(cc): 1 part time job, two club committee, academic honor
extra curricular(hs): 2 part time job, VP of 3 clubs, co founder of a team, volunteer in political activities (not sure whether I should put this bc it might be sensitive)

courses I took in cc:
intro to archi - A
Archi Graphics I - B
Hist of Wrld Arch/Erly Civ/MA - A
College Comp & Reading - C
World Hist to 1500 - EW

[fall 2020]
Archi Design I - B
Archi Graphics II - A
Digital tools for Design - A
Hist of Wrld Arch: 18th C/Pres - A
English: Critical thinking - A
History of the US before 1865 - A
Introduction to sociology - A

hook: FGLI
unhook: need financial aid (which means my admission would become need-aware), got two b in major courses and a C in an eng course, no internship

I am actually a long term green card applicant. My application was accepted earlier but because of covid, there are still some process to go thru so I am not a citizen yet. Since I am not residing in the US, I guess Im not eligible for need-blind admission. If I apply next year, I am confident that I can push my gpa to 3.7. And If I can get my green card before the application, my admission would become need-blind. But I think applying in spring have some kind of disadvantages especially for architecture… Do you guys think I should wait for 2021sp? Or should I try first? Will applying twice harm my chance of getting in? Thank you very much.

Hi all, I am also applying as a transfer student for the Fall 2021 Semester. I will include some information below to help you all out.

Current University: Arizona State University - Barrett Honors College
Current College GPA: 4.02 (Capped at 4)
Current Year: Freshmen
ACT: 31
Race: Hispanic
HS GPA: Can’t remember but pretty poor, somewhere around average unweighted.

Hope this helps you all! Good luck everybody!

Hi! I’m applying to CAS.

I’m a CAS applicant as well! :slight_smile: