Cornell Transfer Fall 2021

I don’t think so. It’s really who they wanna accept and who they can. So people who get in early might just fit the student profile that they are looking for that year.

What did they tell you?
I also have a few documents initiated (2). Is it ok if I submit them now?

CAS Philosophy Applicant

Still haven’t heard back yet. I’m getting real nervous…

I had to re upload one of my documents since it wasn’t showing up in IDOC. They just had me submit them through the secure document upload on the financial aid page, so I think if you upload now it would be okay. It might help to just call and check too!

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Accepted to CALS for Communication. Non-TO


Congrats! I also applied for communication & non-TO. Could you post your stats?

Thank you!

4.0 gpa at a four-year institution (both currently and when I applied)
High school gpa 3.8 UW
Did not submit SAT
Had to submit TOEFL since I’m an international applicant (scored a 114 out of 120)
Three Rec letters – two academic; one professional
EC’s were decent. i.e. research, internship, etc
Essays: Really focused on addressing each prompt. Discussed experiences that led to my choice to pursue a major in Communication. And highlighted resources at Cornell that can propel my intention and direction with Communication.

Best of luck!!

This is gonna sound crazy but I only had 1 specific prompt on my application. The rest seemed like general questions with drop down menus.

In total I submitted 2 essays: A personal statement and Why CALS.

Am I missing some?

Sorry for the confusion! By “prompts” I meant personal statement and Why CALS

It’s all good! I was just worried something happened to my application lol either way, congrats on the admission!! I applied for the same major so hopefully I can get some good news soon.

GL at Cornell (if that’s where you decide to go)

Rejected yesterday SHA as well :pleading_face: Wishing everyone else luck though.

Does anyone have any insight into how long it takes to hear back about aid? The office finally got all my info sorted out on Monday, but they haven’t given an indicator as to how long it will take to receive my offer. Just wondering if anyone else is/was in a similar situation.

Good question. Many Regular Decision soon-to-be freshman who learned of their acceptance on Ivy Day and were expected to commit this past Monday, had yet to receive aid info. Many of these kids opted not to commit to Cornell because their parents needed to know the finaid piece of the puzzle. They also said they had all their info in. I worry we won’t know the cost on time for our decision date.

Hey! Where do you go? I am trying to get into cals too. Our stats are pretty much the same I had a 3.3 or 4 weighted. I have a 3.875 rn but 4.0 midterm report and I also go to a bad state school in VA homie! I also only took 2 APs (nobody told me they existed till sr yr) and I did not submit SAT either. I have not heard back from Cornell yet but you gave me hope!! It’s so crazy our stats are almost exactly the same. Only thing is, I’m a current sophomore

JMU for quantitative finance and CS

I go to VCU lol

Can anyone who has already committed lmk the price of the enrollment deposit?!

Im guessing it’s in the neighborhood of $400 because that’s the freshman enrollment deposit amount.

Hopefully an accepted student will confirm.

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Ok cool thanks. I haven’t committed yet but was just wondering so please if someone has committed lmk!

Any update from dyson students?