Cornell Transfer Ops

<p>Any advice on this one: Son is planning on attending University of Kansas for first year because he has scholarship to pay @80% or $15,900 of the cost. He wants to transfer to Cornell as Soph because he didn't try in the Fall and now regrets it and feels it would have been his first choice. Can he get there from KU? Best way to go about it? Any ideas? Money wasn't an issue with this choice because he also got a Dean's at Bucknell and would have had 50% covered with need based if he went there. What is the transfer scholarship situation at Cornell? We have about $25K to put into each year, but cannot go beyond that. He feels atmosphere at BU is not for him. Isn't Cornell similar? He would be an engineering transfer. Any thoughts? Dad says he should go to the one he wants because he will do better but does he even have a chance with a 4.0 from there? Don't want him to go in only to find a deadend.</p>

<p>Cornell doesn't offer any merit based scholarships. All financial aid is need based.</p>