Cornell Transfer Option Question (Fall 2018)


I was offered a Cornell TO last year for the College of Arts & Sciences. I have everything submitted so far, and now I’m waiting to hear back in April/May like everyone else but I just had a couple questions.

  1. Does Cornell offer a TO to the College of Arts & Sciences often? Because I've only seen a TO for CALS/ILR/HumEc
  2. For my C&A TO they never really gave specific requirements, all they said was to take a wide variety science/liberal arts classes: which I did. And then they said "Successful Transfer Applicants usually have a 3.5 GPA and no grades below a B." Well the issue is I did receive one grade below a B, but the rest of my classes were an A+, so I'm sitting at a 3.621 GPA. I ended up getting a C+ in a bio class. (TL;DR I was sick on the day of an exam so the professor gave me a 0 and did not allow me to make it up). So I was wondering if my chances were completely ruined by that one grade for a class that is completely unrelated to my intended major. I contacted them regarding the grade, so hopefully they can look past that and see the multiple ECs and other achievements I got over the first semester. And plus I'm sitting at all A+'s at my midterm report.


I’d say you still have a chance! I was a TO for HumEc this term, got a C+ in a statistics class and then had to post-hoc withdraw from another class the following semester because I had a family emergency the week of finals and that professor didn’t let me make it up. Even though I had all As in everything else, I thought my chances were shot - and they still let me in!

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to look beyond your one C+, especially since your overall GPA is above 3.5.

@mathguy123 did you get in?