Cornell University Early Decision for Fall 2024 Admission

This is the official thread for those applying ED to Cornell University.

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
Ask your questions, the CC community is here to help!

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great to have this thread!
D24 CA public school, Unweighted 3.98, weighted 4.32, SAT 1550, rank top 5% among 680, medium ECs, 7 AP taken, all 5s. 4 APs in senior year. biology or related major. no cost strains.
she was considering ED Cornell, I suggest her to apply RD, to compare with top UCs if got admitted.
what is your suggestion to this? thank you.

If you want to consider multiple schools, definitely do not apply ED anywhere.

thanks for the tip. i have been struggled with this for months. if she didn’t get into UCB/UCLA/UCSD/UCSB and her stats can’t ensure her to selected ones through RD, we will loss the opportunities of boost her chances to better ones.

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FWIW, the bump in ED acceptance rate isn’t that pronounced when you back out the recruited athletes, legacies, donors, etc….

That you should start a separate thread for your situation

S24 planning to apply ED to College of Human Ecology.

My son is starting his sophomore year in the College of Human Ecology. He applied ED. Feel free to message me if you have any questions as the parent of an applicant!


Thanks very much! Heading up for a tour and info session in a few weeks, so I imagine there will be more Q’s after that. My understanding is that the acceptance rate for CHE is higher than others - something in the 20% range. Makes me wonder if ED increases that any further?

In our family’s research, and specific to the 2022 admission cycle, I would estimate the College of Human Ecology’s overall (in state and out of state) acceptance rate RD was about 13% and the ED acceptance rate was about 20%. Because the College of Human Ecology is one of Cornell’s NY State contract colleges, the in state admissions rate may have been about 15% RD and 22% ED. We are out of state.

For your child’s 2024 class, who knows what the acceptance rates will be like but generally speaking they are only getting lower each year. I would estimate for 2024 Human Ecology will be about 10-12% RD and 18% ED.

But my biggest piece of advice regarding the College of Human Ecology and Cornell in general is not to apply ED unless the program feels like a superb fit for your child. Both the Colleges of Human Ecology and Industrial and Labor Relations are notorious for being able to sniff out which applicants are genuinely interested in their specific college and its educational mission, versus applicants who think that these colleges offer a slightly easier way to get admitted to Cornell.

My son was a slam dunk great fit for the college, and it came through big time in his essays, application and letters of reference. My subjective impression is if given the choice between two
applicants, one with stellar stats who does not display an extremely strong affinity for their unique college, and another applicant with very good but perhaps slightly less stellar stats who projects an obvious fit with their college, they will accept the latter every time.


SAT 1490, non US freshman, soph gpa 4, junior 3/4 …
Would be very interested in the bio medical engg dept.
EC MUN, school band ( guitar and singing)

Given above details, would it be worthwhile to go the ED route at cornell?

What does this mean?

You should probably start your own thread and provide more information for this kind of advice. What country? Full pay or looking for aid? What other schools are you considering for ED?

Yes, posters should start separate “chance me” threads and leave this one for the early decision discussion.

Hello. My student is interested in possibly doing ED to Ecology college. She is interested in the Human Biology, Health and Society major for pre-med. I thought I read somewhere there was up to 30% ED rate. Must be old stat. I did not know some of the colleges were state-contracted. Is there any pretentiousness amongst the students of kids that go there versus other non-contracted colleges at Cornell?

Definitely not! And plenty of students take courses in different colleges. I was in CAS and took courses in Ag, Hum Ec, and even in the law school when I was a senior.

I think the ED acceptance rate for Human Ecology was probably 25-30% at some point in the past (particularly for in state applicants), but it definitely has not been that high recently.

I had the same concern regarding how the Human Ecology and/or Labor Relations students are treated. I agree with momofboiler1 - there seems to be no difference at all in how these students are treated by students and faculty from the other Cornell Colleges.

About 60% of my son’s class are from other colleges, and 40% are Human Ecology.

any insights or advice on applying to CALS early decision?