Cornell v Georgetown

<p>biology major/ premed
CAS v Gtown college
i have visited both, and cannot make up my mind</p>

<p>medical school acceptance rates appear to be equal (yes, this IS an important factor, as I did not apply FA and will be paying full wherever I go)</p>

<p>i also have been offered $ by the top UCs, but they blow for premeds.
JHU is also another option, but I do not like Baltimore, so it is down to these two</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>if i were going for premed/bio stuff i'd choose jhu over cornell and georgetown, since jhu is good for that... but between cornell and georgetown... ehh. did you visit? and which did you like better?</p>

<p>i did not like JHU</p>

<p>ru kidding...JHU weeds out pre-meds like water, u have to get permission jus tto applly to med school, thats why they have gee, a 95 percent rate, b/c they only give approval of the very best</p>

<p>bad move = JHU</p>

<p>i would go to Cornell or Gtown, i would think that gtown is kinda of annoyin, b/c of the catholic jesuit stuff, u have to take required courses in religion,</p>

<p>good luck</p>

<p>which one did you like better between cornell and georgetown then?</p>

<p>both Cornell and Georgetown had things to offer that the other school couldn't...and really, i cannot make up my mind.</p>

<p>ru Catholic?, that should be the deal breaker, if ur Jewish, i would stay away.....</p>

<p>i am catholic, but how should that be the "deal breaker"</p>

<p>religion class, no religion class, i wouldn't mind</p>

<p>-Georgetown is a pretty small school
-Cornell is rather medium sized school
-Georgetown is known for foreign service, law and government
-Cornell is pretty good in those and rules in terms of the sciences</p>

<p>..go to Cornell. They have a medical school too, which is pretty highly ranked, and they have a lot of research opportunities, which means that your application for med school will be stronger.<br>