Cornell vs Berkeley

Hi all! So a month ago, I got into Cornell A&S and in-state Berkeley L&S and I intend on studying computer science and economics. In the future, I want to work in management consulting(Bain & Company, BCG, McKinsey) or product management(PM @ a tech company specifically) and I was wondering which school is better suited for what I want to do. Although Cornell is relatively big at 15,000 ,Berkeley is massive at 30,000 and I know that Cornell also has some strong ties to consulting firms and banking firms in New York. I was also thinking of pursing a masters in statistics in the future and an MBA so I understand that my undergrad GPA is extremely important. This is why Berkeley’s grade deflation draws me away however I’ve also heard that Cornell has one of the tougher grading systems in the ivy league. Another thing to consider is that I will be paying 33k for Berkeley and 43k for Cornell. So which should I choose, given what I want to do in the future?

How hard will it be for your family to come up with 33k? How much harder will it be for your family to come up with 43k?