Cornell vs. CMU vs Case

<p>I was wondering which school would afford me the bets opportunity to do BME and also give me the best chance to get into med school. I understand the majority of the work to get into med school would have to be done by me but Im just looking for some general opinion THANKS</p>

<p>Case is best for BME of the 3</p>

<p>Case's BME program is highly ranked, as auscguy pointed out. As you probably know by now, CMU makes you major in BME as a second major; this may or may not help you when applying to medical school as your GPA may have an impact on admissions. One positive Cornell's BME program is that Cornell has a great medical school.</p>

<p>it is not a good idea to choose a school based on the US news ranking of a particular program. goto the best school overall.(Cornell)</p>

<p>jeffl, can you elaborate a little more about "goto the best school overall.(Cornell)"</p>

<p>i like to hear about Strong in ONE area VS Strong in general engineering school thing;;</p>

<p>I would personally kick out CMU. I just don't like the idea of it being a 2nd major. I think case beats booty in BME, but cornell is way up there. I would pick on other factors really</p>

<p>a lot of times, a sschool is strong in one particular area in rankings, because it has top faculty in that area, and this means more grant money into the department for research. The research money doesn't necessarily translate into a better program for undergrad engineering students. Because the department has so many top researchers working on cutting-edge stuff, it gains reputation. And the deans and department heads of other universities see this and give this particular department a high score.</p>

<p>dj, another thing to remember , Cornell Does NOT have BME Major, they have Biological Engineering Major and BME minor or option.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the input guys</p>