Cornell vs. JHU vs. Duke PREMED

<p>What has better pre-med? Also, which do you reccomend going to attain higher grades and better GPA in terms of curves, grade inflation?</p>

<p>why do you care so much about the premed undergrad reputation?</p>

<p>Rather then spend your time finding out with premed school has more grade inflation or which is better because it is more acknowledged by medical school adcom, you should try to see which school would fit you better. Try to see if the school offers undergraduate courses in the subjects you fancy or would like to go further into. Try to find a school that is located in a part of the country that you would like.</p>

<p>if a schol is "easier" to attain high grades as. it puts you in the same boat with EVERYONE else applying from there.</p>

<p>they will ALL have good grades.</p>

<p>med schools will know this.</p>

<p>they will know the kid at "top notch school X" who has a B when most from school X have C+s stands out more than your A- in a sea of A- in your "top notch school Y."
(hypothetical situation, forgive me ;))</p>

<p>med schools know median grades, etc., from the schools they recieve applications from, so average GPA is not a good way to pick a school. go for the school you think you can succeed the most at relative to the other students. if you don't work well with the distractions of a city JHU is probably not a good idea. if cold weather makes you depressed, cornel is probably not a good idea.</p>

<p>Once you're looking at the very top end of schools, it starts to become less a contest of academic reputation than a contest of fit and personality.</p>

<p>IMHO, I wouldn't want to go to Hopkins because of it's environment in Baltimore, and I hear it is genuinely competition is absolutely intense.</p>

<p>Although I know Cornell is competitive, everyone seems friendly and they strive to be the best they can. . .it seems like they are rising to the challenge of the class, not trying to step on the heads of other students. I love Cornell's environment, and you can find anything to do on campus since you're in "Cornell World" (the campus is huge and has absolutely everything).</p>

<p>Duke is beautiful, and a great school. I don't know much about it because it is further from home than the schools I was considering. Worth looking into though.</p>

<p>go to Penn buddy lol, this is coming from a Cornellian.</p>

<p>That's not even a frickin choice! LOL WHy would you pass up Duke/JHU for Penn pre med? I say go to Cornell or Duke because you'll get shot at JHU.</p>

<p>I believe that Duke has the most grade inflation among the three. It's probably also the least competitive. Cornell is known to be very tough (easiest Ivy to get into, hardest to graduate from) and premeds at Hopkins can be vicious.</p>

<p>ahaha, i first read that and was like you'll get a shot or chance at JHU med, and then i read it over, and u literally meant you will get shot in baltimore, ahaha.</p>


<p>it's true.</p>

<p>it's not in that bad a part of the city, and the campus is pretty much all in one huge block, its not like NYU with streets running through campus. But if you wander a few blocks in the wrong direction, the people you will meet are reaaaaally sketchy. I remember being yelled at for being white.</p>

<p>Well, to be honest I really prefer Cornell or Duke. I do not wish to be in this independent, vigorously competitive pre-med environment such as Hopkins. However, I feel like I have a great chance to get into Cornell ED, however, Duke may a bit tough, I may simply have a 'good' chance. I know that both DUke and Cornell have great science programs, and I wouldnt pass it up on any others. So, in terms of academic competitiveness, difficulty, and pre-med life, would Cornell be as good as Duke? What are your opinions students?</p>

<p>If all you care about is pre-med, you should ED Duke. There are precious few schools that are as good as Duke for pre-med, and I doubt there are any better.</p>

<p>well, i know JHU has a great pre-med program. I thought I wanted pre-med but now I think I am just going to transfer into the Engineering school, which is Cornell is AMAZING in.</p>

<p>The acceptance rates to med school aren't different enough to warrant a selection soley based on premed programs. I would suggest to pick the school that you feel you would be most comfortable in.</p>

<p>Cornell's in NY, it's cold often, beautiful campus, Ivy league name, diverse, etc.</p>

<p>I don't know much about Duke other than the fact it's supposedly heavily Republican (a rarity for a college campus) and has some rich, arrogant people.</p>

<p>Lol I wouldn't call it heavily Republican. It's rather diverse politically, displaying a strong liberal and conservative base--in other words, balance. The school has students from the South, Northeast, Midwest, and West Coast--so different political ideologies are brought and debated constantly. </p>

<p>Rich? Well, yeah </p>

<p>Arrogant people? Well, I am sure you find that at every private university, but for the most part, the people are not.</p>

<p>Well, as an avid Duke supporter, I must admit that the fact that Duke has a number of eclectic students from the NE, South, West, etc. does not give it an edge over Cornell or JHU at all. All three schools have the same amount of diversity and degree of multifarious students. Moreover, just because Duke is in the south, does not necesarily mean that it shifts to the right. For instance, Rice is in Texas, yet the campus is most certainly very liberal in its policies and teaching. Arrogant rich people? If arrogant people turn you away, almost every school in higher education is not for you. I know that I am generalizing, but you get the idea. Duke tends to be the most balanced out of the schools listed politically, but I have heard that professors are quite liberal with their curriculum.</p>

<p>Back to medicine:
Duke and JHU probably beat Cornell in this department. However, there is such a small number of nuances between programs, that it is really a toss up.</p>

<p>I would say the quality of preparation for medical school is fairly similar between Duke, JHU and Cornell. The only difference perhaps is that JHU and Cornell have harsher policies when it comes to distributing grades than Duke.</p>

<p>That's probably true. However, Duke premed is EXTREMELY cuthroat. I might even say moreso than Cornell. Cornell tends to harbor its cuthroat students in engineering.</p>

<p>However, if you are BME at JHU, bring a weapon to defend yourself. :)</p>

<p>isnt jhu BME like, the most rediculously competitive and high profile program anywhere, ever? more rediculous than the confucian exams?</p>

<p>Haha, I have heard that. Just bring a 9mm Beretta to class and you'll do fine.</p>