Cornell vs Tufts ED chances IR major

<p>GPA: 3.75- not weighted
AP European History: 5
AP Literature: 5
SAT II Literature: 700
SAT II Italian: 700
CR: 740 W: 710 M: 400
graduated cum laude, honors

Foreign exchange junior year- Italy
au pair/gap year- The Netherlands
National Honors Society 2 years
Vocal lessons/performance/Guitar 12 years, every year of high school
Spectrum/LGBT club</p>

<p>My math scores are very low, and I'm going to take the ACT in October. I want to be an International Relations major with the goal of getting my PhD and becoming a diplomat someday. </p>

<p>Cornell is a major reach for me, and I've heard Tufts has an incredible IR program, but seeing as they are both on the higher end of my list, I want to apply to one ED. What do you think?</p>