Cornell Waitlist Class of 2023

lol as I cry after multiple rejections, my spot on cornell’s waitlist is one of few consolations… lets chat about it lol. Who else is on the cornell waitlist squad? How do u plan to try to make it off the waitlist?

Waitlisted ILR

Waitlisted at CALS lol was not expecting that

Comment stats everyone too!! /if ur gonna go forward and try to get off the waitlist

Waitlisted too! Anyone here waitlisted from AAP, specifically Architecture? and anyone know the chances of getting off the waitlist for AAP?

I was waitlisted too at CALS. Honestly thought I was being rejected so it was a nice surprise lol

Waitlisted to CAS…after being deferred ED. Let the (hopefully) final wait begin

Didn’t expect it because my stats are better than the median at Cornell, I got into Duke though (which is more selective)

waitlisted to college of human ecology.

waitlisted to CALS!!! honestly super happy with it because i was expecting rejection. now, we wait!!!

Also on the waiting list! A little disappointing, but it’s not a rejection (yet) lol. I was waitlisted from AAP, does anybody know how many kids, if any, make it off the waiting list and into their program?

HumEc waitlist

WL for CAS. Cornell has waitlisted about 5000 for 2023 as known from various news articles and forums.

Does anyone know where we can email LOCI for CALS at some point? It might be kind of early for it, but I want to be prepared lol

waitlisted for cas information science :frowning:
when do we find out about if we make it?

@hhap1234 I don’t think until after May 1st. I was looking at last year’s waitlist forum and they seemed to hear back starting on May 3rdish through the next couple weeks. It’s going to be a long six weeks ?

@lilalzi what school

@WhatAreCollege Which department of AAP did you apply for? Architecture?

Hey guys,
Wanted to open up this discussion for all people who were waitlisted from Cornell! If you were, comment down below and say what school at Cornell waitlisted you.

I applied for the B.S in Urban and Regional Studies