Cornell Waitlist Class of 2023

getting waitlisted CALS is not a big deal really… just means you were underqualified but they’d consider you in case a qualified student rejects their spot. WAITLISTED CALS

If you want to pursue the WL, I would contact the adcom around mid April with an essay to show continued interest, 1 or 2 recommendation letters (maybe one from your GC), any additional info like awards, latest transcript. If you are able, let them know you would accept an offer off the WL. Give them a call few days after May 1 to see if they would go to the WL.
WL process is very fast - a phone call to your GC or you to see if you would be interested, often you would only get 1-2 days to make a decision. They would usually go down the list until they fill the class.

If you are WL it doesn’t mean you are not qualified because adcom tries to create a community with different students. My kid was WL at Cornell and was offered a spot in May. She had a very successful experience at Cornell, which included high GPA and a dream job.

We were very proactive about getting her off the WL and she was lucky that Cornell took over 100 students off the WL that year.

Waitlisted ILR. Was expecting my 8th rejection haha but now I feel I’m so close it’ll be hard to hear a no

Thank you @oldfort for the advice and information! It gives us here some hope ?

Waitlisted for COE (engineering)
Any1 else for engineering?

@oldfort thank you for this response, definitely some helpful information! may i ask like what context u come from and are getting this info from? are u familiar/involved with cornell? they said in their info to not rlly submit new letters of rec, should this be disregarded?

waitlisted at CALS

@qwxmntklp - I googled:
There are some schools that do not want additional information, but I didn’t think it was the case with Cornell.
I am a parent of 2 Cornell graduates. One got in through WL and the second one via ED. My older one got off both Cornell and Duke’s WLs. Her GC worked very hard to get her off by calling. The GC was told that D1’s stats were such that they thought she would not matriculate at Cornell. It was why my younger D ED at Cornell.

thank you for this info @oldfort

Waitlisted at CALS! There seems to be a lot of us… does CALS normally take a bunch on the wait list? Does anyone have any stats on specifically CALS waitlists?

Waitlisted at Cornell’s College of Engineering

I was waitlisted by CoE. I have a question about submitting an update.

On the student portal, there is an option to upload “Waitlist Correspondence” documents.

On the Cornell engineering website, it says to send “an email update via” It continues on, “Your updates should not be lengthy. In general, two or three sentences will suffice.”

Does this mean that the email on the website is for confirming genuine interest in getting off the waitlist, whereas the student portal is for LOCI’s?

My D is waitlisted for CALS. She called yesterday to get info on timing and recommended next steps. The woman that answered was short. I am sure they are getting many calls. She was told to email questions. They would not respond over the phone.

What are your chances of getting in as a transfer if you were waitlisted?

This is not a good time to call. They are getting many angry calls now. We were advised to call mid April.


thanks for this info, please share more advice from your experience if you have any!!

waitlisted also at CALS. Honestly surprised with my stats I even got waitlisted, but a little disheartened.
For stats I guess:
ACT: 33
super-score (really didn’t matter): 34
SAT: 1480
SAT II Bio: 740
SAT II Math II: 790
SAT II Physics: 720
GPA UW: 3.91
GPA W: 4.42623
Rank: 8/603
Geography: Rural Alabama

I think that’s about it… I never ended up sending ACT so that information is irrelevant, but the chances of getting into waitlist is very low most likely after talking to the admission officers there :frowning: It’s my dream school so i’m still not losing hope though :slight_smile: But for majors, I applied to agricultural sciences

Hey people!
I haven’t seen a thread for waitlist for CALS so here is one!
I was wondering whether if there were anybody out there also waitlisted to CALS program at Cornell?
If there is, do you know whether they will admit students this year, because there hasn’t been much success in admissions regarding waitlisted CALS students…

@oldfort if you don’t mind - can any GC call them, or specifically your GC had good contact there? Just wondering how did your GC worked to get your kid off wait list?

Any GC can call them, but many GCs are not willing to do it. I wouldn’t worry about it if your GC is not willing to call. You can still send in additional information yourself. If you are full pay and willing to accept if admitted, you can have your parent send such email (worded very nicely). You should call after May 1 to find out if they are going to WL, let them know you have sent in additional information. Without being a pest, you want to be on top of the stack if/when they go to WL.