<p>I only want to find out about my chances at Cornell; here goes.
i am a white male at a very competative private high-school in New Jersey. I am Russian with an Israeli passport if that helps. My GPA is a 3.55 unweighted. Most of my classes are AP or honors
9th grade: 3.87 GPA (approx)
2 honors 3 regulars
10th grade: 3.4 GPA (approx)
3 honors 1 regular and 1 AP
11th grade: 3.5 GPA (approx)
3 honors 1 regular and 1 AP
12th grade: 3.9 GPA so far
4 AP 1 regular
I took every availabe AP offered exept math in 10th grade, took AB calc in 12th grade. I took hardest work load offered.</p>

<p>SAT's: math: 720, cr: 740, wr: 680 (9), 2140 overall
SAT 2's: American His: 780, Math IIC: 750</p>

<p>no rank in school</p>

<p>EC's and work and other stuff in resume:
Debate, 10,11 12, varsity in 12th grade
Community outrach club in my school, secratary for last 3 years
Varsity Tennis 10,11,12
Volunteered in Orphanage in russian for 2 weeks
Volunteered at Bergen County Republican Organizaiton
worked in Russian newspaper in Russia 10th grade
worked in center fro seniors with alzhiemers
Scuba license =) (probably won't help)
highly quilified skier (level 9) (cornell has a ski team)
i speak 4 languages </p>

<p>So, what are my chances?</p>

<p>oh yea, i want to go to the liberal arts school and major in Government.</p>

<p>anyone plz? what do you think?</p>



<p>I'm not too sure. Cornell's a hard school to say how much chance you got because they accept some bad ones and reject some good ones.</p>

<p>if you could up your gpa to a 3.6 and bring the sat up to a 2200, id think youd have a good shot. as it stands now, i think youd be rejected. Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>Cornell: Reach (SAT's are good, but GPA is a bit too low...)</p>

<p>thnx ppl.... what if i had applied ed? anyone else whant to comment?</p>

<p>yea if you really love it above all the rest, you should ed. its worth a shot.</p>

<p>bumpity bump...anyone gove me number plz or suggestions for other colleges????/</p>

<p>What are the 4 languages you speak? It would have been good to take the SAT IIs in those languages to show your fluency ... (If you're from Israel, there's a Hebrew SAT II)</p>

<p>Right now, I think you might get rejected. Your SATs look good, but your GPA is sort of low. What's your hook? If you thought of some cool ways to discuss your unique background and fluency in languages in your essay, I think you would have a better chance.</p>

<p>i'd say you can most likely get into Cornell. i agree with bouncechrissy in that you need a good hook, and you should incorporate you interests and backgrounds and have great essays.</p>

<p>in my app...i think i have a hook... i focus on the fact that moved from Russia to isreal and my family's past conneciton with commujnism etc. i thne connect it to my pasison for history? anyone think that thats a good idea for essays and a good hook? I moved to the states at age 7.
also i speak Russian (Fluent), Hebrew (fluent), English (yea i know), and Spanish (not fluent but A in lvl 4)</p>


<p>plz respond...bump</p>