Cornellians for Obama

<p>so I'm not an Obama supporter and would like to show my disdain for this candidate in the fall...</p>

<p>will wearing these shirts catch me a lot of flack (possibly criminal charges?)</p>

<p>No. It's freedom of speech. And also, I plan to mention one of Senator Obama's campaign quote on my admission essay. Does that impede my chances of getting in?</p>

<p>The majority of the student body will be on the obama side (this is where some of the smartest students in the world congregate after all). You could wear stuff like that, but I'd personally avoid it. Making friends is easier when you're not wearing political shirts.</p>

<p>Sadly...these days free speech isn't as free as we'd like it to be. I don't support Obama or McCain...but I'd caution against wearing the anti-Obama shirts on campus.</p>

<p>While many students are very political, none go as far as wearing t-shirts that are against the other candidate. Wearing a pro John McCain shirt would make more sense.</p>

<p>hehe...just to make it clear i'm not a mccain supporter either ^_^</p>

<p>RON PAUL RloveUTION member here :D</p>

<p>Who? Sounds like the name of a guy who delivered babies most of his life.</p>

Who? Sounds like the name of a guy who delivered babies most of his life.


<p>indeed...a guy who was an obstetrician and has the utmost respect for life...</p>

<p>Another Ron Paul supporter/libertarian here, but I am not sure wearing one of those shirts is worth the arguments it would cause. That Al Qaida for Obama shirt is pretty funny though.</p>

<p>I'm a Hillary supporter. I can't stand Obama - but I'm not gonna vote McCain either. I'm just going to be apathetic toward this election - the two candidates left are both idiots.</p>

<p>The county Ithaca is in is the ONLY county in New York that Obama won - so that should tell you something about the leanings of Cornell. I'm glad it's a liberal school...but I still hate Obama.</p>

<p>Ron Paul 4 Life. We got friggin Bob Barr running as our libertarian candidate now ughhhhhhh.</p>

<p>hahaah green party here! but i do not support cynthia mckinney. ill not mention my political beliefs beyond this though. ill save that for in person.</p>

<p>Well suck it up cause Obama is gonna be the President of the United States aka the President of the World! U better buy your property in Canada fact I think they support Obama too...the whole world does! Ha! A Black man for President!</p>

A Black man for President!


<p>That's odd considering his absentee father is African (not the descendant of American slaves) and his mother is white. I don't understand how that combination results in a black man but that's just me.</p>

<p>For the record, I don't support him.</p>

<p>Actually libertarians have respect for only their own lives. To them its survival of the fittest. I've had my share of conversations.</p>

<p>well this is actually a pretty cool thread. lots of different opinions represented here. I hope people are like this at Cornell.</p>

<p>I did look on the map back on Super Tuesday and see Tompkins County going to Obama (and since I did ED, I could think "oh, that will be my future home.") </p>

<p>I am more interested in thinking about politics and government than I am in taking sides.</p>

<p>There are a lot of Obama supporters -- all of my friends ragged on me all the time for supporting Hillary, which is way sad, but... yeah, I'm voting for Obama, but I'm not going to get all political crazy...</p>

<p>Ya don't wear anti-Obama shirts...negative shirts r annoying. </p>

<p>"The majority of the student body will be on the obama side (this is where some of the smartest students in the world congregate after all). You could wear stuff like that, but I'd personally avoid it. Making friends is easier when you're not wearing political shirts." TRUE</p>

<p>and let me get to the people I hate the most. The Clinton supporters who a) will vote for McCain b/c they are mad Obama won (most angry at them) b) (a lot less angry at these but still angry...) Clinton voters who now won't vote.<br>
Obama and Clinton have almost identical stances on most issues (with McCain being polar opposite on many) so if sum1 is mad that Clinton lost so they decide to vote for McCain as revenge I want to punch them in the face. Also not voting? Why not just leave America because u obviously don't care enough to make yourself count. Be intelligent and not obsessed with vengence...Obama is SO much like took me a long time to choose between them. If Clinton won I would have still been happy to support her. Suck it up or we'll get Bush the 3rd in the white house because u were too "sad" that Clinton lost to vote. Get over it cuz ur doing NOTHING to help this country by staying at home.</p>

<p>ps I'm more open-minded about this in person but I get mad on the net lol</p>

<p>How does being African exclude him from being Black? Last time I checked Most Kenyans are Black(including Obama's father) save the few Arabs and whites, Asians, Indians, etc in the country. There is a reason Obama calls himself a Black man, he did not make that up becasue obviously we can see that on his skin.</p>

<p>And don't even try to say that he is not African-American because that term only applies to Americans who descended from slaves. That is a matter of opinion, but technically he is Kenyan and Kenya is in Africa, but he was born in America, so does that not mean he is African-American?</p>

<p>Anyway forget all that! He is Black! Look at his skin, or are you blind? If you are I am sorry that I offended.</p>


<p>First, it's rude to say you "hate" people because of who they support.</p>

<p>Second, I love how you assume us Clinton supporters should just move over to Obama cause they are both Democrats. Has it EVER occured to any of you that it's more about the person? I support Hillary because I know she ran the country for 8 years from 1992-2000. She's a hard worker, and she KNOWS what she's doing. Today Obama stole yet another part of her Health Care Plan. </p>

<p>I have 100's of reasons NOT to support Obama, and his race isn't one of them. And we aren't "sad" Hillary lost. We are upset because of the cheating. We are upset that the DNC pushed Obama on us. We aren't just going to "fall in line" because they tell us to. </p>

<p>Obama cheated in caucuses (and yes, we have proof) - his people locked doors, I witnessed a group of older people who were for Hillary being pushed into the Obama corner because they didn't know any better. They had buses of college kids going around to different caucus sites and voting more than once. They had unregistered voters bused in from other states to vote. They passed the caucus "sign in" sheets around, but then took them up when they got to the Hillary people. </p>

<p>Look at the Washington caucus vs. primary results. Look at the Texas caucus vs. primary results. His campaign cheated - just like they did to win state senate. He is arrogant, inexperienced, and won mostly on white guilt and race baiting.</p>