cornell's undergrad business?

<p>i was reading BusinessWeek's "the best undergrad b-school" list and cornell came in 4. but it seems to me that there isn't really a b-school?...i mean there's hotel admin, but no "whatever name school of business"</p>

<p>btw, what is cornell particularly known for? undergraduate i mean. this is important</p>

<p>Your question is sorta confusing. There is a business school: Johnson School of Management. Alot of colleges don't have an undergraduate business school--like dartmouth. But it doesnt mean other majors can do business related things.</p>

<p>There are many undergraduate business programs:
- Applied Economic Management (the program that came in fourth)
- Hotel Administration
- Economics
- Etc</p>

<p>Cornell is known for alot of things: hotel administration, arcitecture, engineering physics, ILR, etc What are you looking at?</p>

<p>i'm looking at applied economics and management and economics (CAS) also.</p>

<p>johnson school of management is grad so i'm lookin into that yet.</p>

<p> are those programs? AEM and econ...</p>

<p>Cornell has an undergrad business program. It just doesn't have a sponsoring name.</p>

<p>AEM teaches u how to run a business. econ is more concerned witht he interactions among businesses</p>

<p>As you saw, AEM is the 4th in the country.
It's a really, really strong agriculture/science-based business program.</p>

<p>Bestwhit, not true. AEM students only need to take one science course (biology) for freshman yr. No agriculture courses are required, but students can elect to take them. Although the professors may sometimes use cases on agriculture and food industries, the business education is definitely not "strong agriculture/science-based".</p>

<p>Sorry for not clarifying:</p>

<p>it's a STRONG business program that is agriculture/science based.
I was under this impression by the overwhelming amount of times I've heard this from admissions counselors from CALS and the kids I know who are applying to CALS. If you're not into science at all, AEM isn't right for you. Most business programs don't require any science and AEM does - therefore it is science based. Its roots were based on the business of running a farm, so I still don't think what I said was wrong.</p>

<p>bestwhit, that's not true.</p>

<p>i'm in AEM right now and most of the people in AEM are doing finance as their specialization. AEM, at this point, has almost next to nothing to do agriculture/science unless you elect to choose agribusiness management as your specialization. while its roots WERE based on agriculture, it's changed significantly now.</p>

<p>I have been misinformed.</p>

<p>can you enroll in the business program your freshman year? or is it sophomore or junior year? when you apply can you apply directly to the program or do you have to apply to “agricultre/science” programs? i’m not that big on science but i do want to try business. i was initially going ot applyto College of Arts and Sciences because I thought the business program was only available to sophomore and I really want to major in English and Business. But now i’m confused b/c the business program is in a different college. Does anybody know if i can major in both?</p>

<p>you cannot have majors in two different colleges, so you are correct: you cannot major in both business (AEM major) and English at Cornell.</p>

<p>You can MINOR across college lines, however. Consider that! AEM is a minor available to most majors. If you’re more math-oriented, the Operations Research major in engineering would be an option. That major doesn’t allow an AEM minor, because they have similar classes already required in the major. Good luck…</p>

<p>AEM minors are only available to other CALS students and Engineers.</p>