Cornish summer pre-college visual art?

<p>Anyone have any experience with Cornish's pre-college visual art one-week summer intensives? Due to extreme time constraints (long June vacation & a 2 week dance program July 16-27), my overly-booked & equally talented 16-year old DD has one or two weeks beginning July 28 to do a summer pre-college visual art program. Cornish is the ONLY art college or even university that seems to offer what we need. She is interested primarily in developing drawing, design & painting techniques through a pre-college program, so the one-week Cornish intensives in either life drawing, self portrait or possibly graphic design might fit the bill. Kind folks on this forum have previously given me great feedback on other pre-college programs, but we now have these new time constraints & she is completely unavailable for anything from June 7-July 1; & July 16-27. Syracuse has a 2d portfolio prep from July 2-13, but we're getting back from Rome late July 1 (live in Colorado), so she couldn't get to Syracuse in time to start the program & would be too tired to boot.
Any other ideas out there? Anyone with comments on Cornish?</p>

<p>I don't know anything about the Cornish program, but if this is the only program available within the time constraints, it sounds like if she really wants to do a pre-college program, you don't have much choice. Are you anywhere near RMCAD? Do they have anything? That would save you travel time anyway.</p>

<p>Thanks, Redbug119. We are near RMCAD, but their 1 week program doesn't work with our ridiculous time constraints. We're just wondering if DD, who is now a sophomore, should just wait til next summer to do a pre-college. We're usually not this busy, but this summer is silly busy. However, if the Cornish program is good, then we'll bite the bullet & have her do it, hopefully with a scholarship.</p>

<p>My D didn't realize there was even such a thing as pre-college (I didn't find this board until later) and wished she would have gone as soon as she could. She really improved from just that 2 week session at NHIA.</p>

<p>We live in Portland, but my daughter seriously looked into the Cornish programs last year and the school has a very good reputation out here. She ultimately decided to do PNWCA in Portland instead (and because she wouldn't have to live away). I think the Cornish one is probably excellent.</p>

<p>If Michigan is a possibility, the University of Michigan has a one week portfolio prep program and a 2 week Bachelor of Fine Arts prep program. The pre-BFA is new.</p>

<p>I have had several of my students attend the Cornish program. It is an excellent environment for pushing work beyond the typical high school assignments. Also, they structure the program so that students focusing on one particular art form are able to work with and gain inspiration from other participants. Colleges are looking for evidence in portfolios that the student has pushed themselves to experiment and try new things. Cornish will definitely provide that opportunity.</p>