Coronat Scholarship 2025 Chance Me

Hi guys! Due to COVID-19 I graduated high school a year early, and am working full time in the field I want to go into. This means college isn’t exactly necessary for me, and the only way I can see myself committing to a school is if I get an extremely good merit offer.

That being said, chance me for the Coronat scholarship :slight_smile:

Major: Dual in Computer Science and Philosophy
High School: Private for 2 years Public for 1
APs: 8 (wasn’t allowed to take many until I moved public), all with 3s or higher
ACT: 34 (35 STEM)
Rank: Top 5%
I currently work for two companies, one as a user support specialist (people send me their code and I help them troubleshoot it) and another as a user interface developer for a non-profit benefiting local teens affected by homelessness. Coolest job ever. Wrote an essay on it.
3A State Champion Cheerleader (2 years)
3A State Champion Speech and Debate member (1 year)
3A State Champion Academic team member (2 years)
Math club founder (1 year)
Varsity Basketball (1 year)
Technical director of a school-sponsored charity (1 year)
STUCO member (3 years, board member for 2)
Technical manager of dance team (1 year)
NHS member (2 years)
Volunteer for three weeks at a non-profit summer camp

And a lot more smaller things here and there, it’s hard because I transferred as a sophomore to a different school, and there weren’t a lot of clubs that both schools had. I was able to interview with 'cuse, let them know they were my top pick for a school, and the interviewer and I got along super well. Thanks in advance for all of your support!

No idea.

Many students just got accepted with zero basic merit awards with incredible stats so when it comes to Cuse, chancing when it comes to financial awards is difficult.

Did you get invited to apply?

I have not yet, have you? If you have, did you apply ED or RD? I did RD

My D21 was invited to apply. she is RD. I haven’t heard much about this opportunity!

Invitations went out mid January ish with essays due yesterday for Coronat.

Yes, I was wondering if others received too! My D ended up really enjoying writing the essays - they were so unique and challenging! Good luck!

I was also invited to apply! I applied RD, if I was invited for the Coronat Scholarship does this mean I am admitted to Syracuse as well? The email said they could not give formal admission results.

I’m honestly a little peeved I didn’t get invited-- I literally have better stats than some people who said they were invited last year, and my entire common app essay was pertaining to philosophy. Oh well, schools just as good if not better than 'cuse gave me their presidential scholarship. Guess I’ll go there.

Has anyone gotten an update on being a finalist?

Haven’t heard anything - the initial invite said finalists would be notified by late feb, but the confirmation after application submitted said she’d hear in March. So we are not sure what to expect!

Waiting to hear back as well. Thank you for your response!!

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D got a nice letter but not a finalist!

I can’t find much at all on this program. Does anyone know rough numbers? I’ve seen 100-200 get invited to apply. I’ve seen 35 are finalists, but then I’ve seen 25 or 7 get awarded. I have a child who is a finalist and would like to find more about the program in general so that they can be prepared.