Coronavirus and Music Schools: What's happening?

I was referring to a remote option for those who have submitted documentation for the need for a safe alternative to in-person, not for those who just would like to stay home :slight_smile:

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Yes, for those eligible, proof of a booster must be uploaded on or before 2/15. Almost all of the Berklee students that my kid knows received a booster shot between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. If you become eligible for a booster after 2/15, then you have a maximum of 30 days from your eligibility date to get your booster and upload documentation.

SUNY Purchase pushed back until Jan 27th - basically entire semester will shift by 2 weeks. Students must get booster when eligible. Faculty must now get vaccinated. Unclear on staff. Students must get COVID test 7 days before they move in and then everyone gets pool tested 1 or 2 days after move in. Voice conservatory already had masks in place so nothing changed there. Campus is now 100% on campus and as far as I can tell limited remote options. Music department only had remote for language classes and now those are in person. Hoping to have in person Opera again in April (they did successfully have Dec Opera in person, singing with no masks, audience proof of vaccination and masks required)