Corrected FAFSA and IRS Retrieval

<p>We changed our estimated FAFSA to the corrected form due to the Feb. 15 deadline for one of my son's colleges. It was too soon to try the retrieval tool. However, since other schools with a Mar. 1 deadline prefer the retrieval tool, is it possible to go back in and "correct" the corrected FAFSA by using the retrieval approach if we can get it to work before the Mar. 1 deadline? Once it is submitted as "corrected," does that mean you can't go back in and use the retrieval tool?</p>

<p>Thanks from a confused parent.</p>

<p>See post #47 in this thread:</p>

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<p>People in that thread report having a problem with the retrieval if none of the numbers change. Post #47 seems to have a work around.</p>


<p>Thanks so much for your very helpful response.</p>