Corrected FAFSA today??

<p>Ok so I first sent in my FAFSA on Feb 1st..for the schools that needed it by then, but I had to use estimated values for 2007 (as my schools instructed me to do) since my parents tax returns weren't done by Feb 1st. I then made corrections and did the correction FAFSA the last week of February....</p>

<p>TODAY I get an email saying</p>

<p>"Your Correction to your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has been processed and the data will be made available to the school(s) listed on your corrected FAFSA. The financial aid office at your school will contact you if additional information is required."</p>

<p>***? So my FAFSA was processed like a MONTH after I turned it in? This happen to anyone else?</p>

<p>Umm mail takes forever! Do it online so much quicker, and they appreciate it more</p>

<p>We got an email when we first submitted FAFSA. We never got an email when we submitted corrections to FAFSA. However the school submitted some corrections (which I actually did not agree with but they made no difference to our EFC) and we received an email with wording similar to the above ('a' correction instead of 'your' correction) about a week after they made the corrections. Have you checked to see if there was a correction made by the school - that might explain the time lapse. On the other hand I'm not sure there is a normal with FAFSA processing.</p>

<p>CCG, the corrections were done and turned in almost a month ago ONLINE...</p>

<p>I don't believe we got an email when we did the corrections either.</p>

<p>OO jesus they did take a long time, although it could be expected from them.</p>