Correcting application errors after submission … or not

I had commonapp troubles and my application was submitted a minute and four seconds late and I still haven’t received an email from the school to set up a student portal. Should I be worried?

Never mind I just got an email.

I realized I forgot to input my Painting class into the Current Courses section on the Common Application after submitting several applications with this incorrect information. Would this be something important to follow up with? I’m particularly worried it will negatively affect my Case Western Reserve EDII application, but I’m not sure if it’s too late to contact them as I submitted my application last October.


On my CommonApp current/most recent year courses, I wrote that I would be taking AP US Government and Politics for a whole year (2 credits), when in reality the course is split into 1 semester of AP US Gov (1 credit) and 1 semester for Honors Macroeconomics (1 credit). Is this an error worth emailing officers to correct, or should I just leave it be?

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@Sally_Rubenstone I’m so sorry for asking so many questions but I was just wondering about this. In my activities section, I listed two different orchestras. In one orchestra I wrote (word for word) that I “Play in 1st violin section” in the description and in the other orchestra I just said “1st violin” in the description (I had to shorten it because there was more to write about the second orchestra and limited space). For both orchestras I wrote that my position was a Violinist. I was wondering if colleges will think I was first chair/concertmaster/section leader of first violins in the second orchestra because I simply wrote 1st violin. Should I email to clarify this? Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate it!

@thelostmarauder -This is fine as is. No need to write to the college folks … you’d probably just confuse them (or annoy them :grimacing:). Don’t worry about this.

@Sally_Rubenstone Thank you for replying! So in that case is worth it to email to clarify the years that I had the position of being in the first violin section? For context, I have been in an orchestra for all four years of high school and I put down that my position in the orchestra is a Violinist and then in the description of the activity I said that I “play in 1st violin section”. This is true as I currently play in the first violin section however, I moved up from the violin 2 section. So I am a first violin in grade 12 (now) and was a second violin in grades 9,10, and 11. I did not think to include this on my application and I am afraid that colleges may think of this as a falsification of some sort.

@thelostmarauder -College officials don’t expect a detailed description of each activity in the minuscule space provided. So what you’ve said is fine and won’t spawn suspicion about your honesty.

If, however, you are applying to colleges as a Music Performance major (which I’m guessing you’re not) then a more specific account of your experience would be appropriate–and your application will probably demand it. Otherwise, please let this go! Good luck on your outcomes.

Hi Sally,

I am an international student currently on break after graduating late last year. A university contacted me and asked me to provide details as to what I have been doing since I graduated. I have since responded to that email (early Jan) by putting activities that I am still involved in as well as my role in said activities. However, I have since stepped down from a leadership role in one of those activities into an advisory one. Is it worth informing admissions officers about this? Moreover, we have since collaborated with another organization on a project. On that note, is it necessary to send an update through the portal? Also, do you think other universities might be interested as to what I have been doing since I graduated (I’m currently doing something related to my major)?

Thank you for your time.