Correcting application errors after submission … or not

Thank you so much Ms. @Sally_Rubenstone. You’ve lifted a great weight!

This means so much not only to me but my family as well!

Take care and Bless you always!

Hello, I recently noticed an error in my application activities section, and I think it was a system error. The number of weeks in my activities is off by a couple of weeks in three sections. Two of them have 4 extra weeks and one has 8 lesser weeks than the initial number. The decisions of the University has already come out, and I just noticed this error. Is this worth mentioning to an admissions officer or counselor of the University?

Also, I would like to thank you for the amazing work you’re doing here, having a forum like this is very helpful.

@Yeloow–It’s nice that you’re being conscientious about your errors, but they’re definitely too small to correct, and they certainly didn’t affect your admission decisions.

So live this alone … and thanks for your thanks!

Hello, I hope you are doing well. I recently applied to some universities with Coalition, but I have realized that I forgot to list two courses (Computer Literacy and Health Education) in my 9th-11th Grade Coursework section. Should I contact the admission offices of the universities to notify them of these missing classes? Although they are not core classes, they still counted toward my high school diploma requirements and are listed on my high school transcript.

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Just noticed an incorrect birthplace info for both my parents after submitting common application 2 weeks ago to a very competitive school. Instead of Republic of Korea (South Korea) I put Democratic People of Korea (North Korea)!

What is the best way to handle this? Will this mistake look really bad? Please advise. Thank you.

Where on the common app where does it ask for Planned AP/ IB Tests? I do not see it under the Testing section as I read on a forum. I’m trying to avoid having to make corrections later! For the UC, is better to be cautious and under-report planned IB tests if I’m not sure, or should I report what I reasonably think I will take, even if there’s a chance we don’t take them all? Thank you!

I did an activity for four years in school, but in the common app I selected only 9, 11 & 12. I missed 10th. I realized it after submitting the application to a T-5 school. I’m freaking out.

Should I contact the school to correct that? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

For a very well-known national competition, I said that I was a 2022-2023 winner (which hasn’t happened yet) when I was really a 2021-2022 winner. Should I email them to correct this? Usually the winners say that they were a 2022 winner.