corrections to filed fafsa

<p>How do we add additional schools after it has been reported as filed? Do we remove those schools that we had listed before and add 6 others?</p>

<p>Yeah-- after you submit, correct the FAFSA by removing removing some schools, and adding the new ones. Then resubmit. BUT-- remember that any subsequent changes (if you change the income figures after doing taxes, for example) that the schools you dropped won't get the changes unless you add them back in.</p>

<p>Just wait a few days before you do any changes. It can take several days...sometimes longer...for the FAFSA to be processed and sent to your schools after you submit it online. So....make sure your original submissions have been processed and sent BEFORE you go in and amend the schools.</p>

<p>So let me get this straight. </p>

<p>1) Sumbit your FAFSA
2) Go to the corrections page
3) Delete all your schools
4) Add in the additional schools
5) Submit your FAFSA</p>

<p>Then it will get to all the schools. Can someone give me some reassurance here?</p>

<p>I suggest strongly, that you call the schools before you take them off the list, and add new ones. One school told me that they won't download until March 1. Some will download info daily. It all depends. As I understand it, once you remove a school's name, they cannot get the info they need to give you an aid package b/c they no longer have access to the information!</p>

<p>I just don't understand why they don't leave blanks for 10 schools or 15 schools. So many kids apply to more than 6 schools. The 6-school limit per submission just raises the likelihood of error...</p>

<p>I spoke with the FAFSA people after the first submission and was told to go ahead and make "corrections" (ie, add schools) once we got the SAR back. Which we did. However, because of what northeastmom wrote, I am now worried that maybe we went too fast and that the "first round" of 6 schools may not receive the FAFSA. I guess the only thing is to keep checking with all the schools to ensure that they receive the FAFSA.</p>

<p>Just added this to another thread on the same subject:</p>

<p>Just got off the phone with FAFSA. This is what they said: Adding schools does NOT wipe out the previous schools. For example, you submit the first 6 schools. That version of FAFSA becomes edition 1. After receiving the SAR, you "correct" the FAFSA by adding a few more schools. You can do this by deleting all 6 schools and adding, say, 3 more schools, or by deleting 3 schools from the original list and adding 3 new schools. That version of FAFSA becomes edition 2. It does not replace edition 1.</p>

<p>Whenever College X downloads from FAFSA, they will get all reports with College X's name on it. If the dealine for FAFSA filing is Feb. 1, or March 1, they are looking to see if the FAFSA was submitted before that date. </p>

<p>Later on, when you put in corrected (updated) figures in the spring, that edition becomes edition 3 (and edition 4, if you still have 6+ schools).</p>

<p>I asked the FAFSA rep why they limit to 6 schools. She said most kids apply to 3 schools. (Huh?) I said OK, keep the list at 6, but have an option to add more if necessary. The way it is now is so unwieldy. She said she'd pass it on to her supervisor.</p>

<p>Please see the post "Adding Schools to the Fafsa" , posted by me. Look at post #2 by scottaa.</p>

<p>Northeastmom, I ran scottaa's post by the FAFSA rep and was told that that is not the case, that it doesn't matter when the schools download from FAFSA, that they will always have access to any schools entered on the list.</p>

<p>MotherLove, Our posts crossed. I hope that the person you spoke with is correct. I will put in another call tomorrow. The person that my husband spoke with today said exactly what scottaa did.</p>

<p>Called FAFSA again and got someone else. The explanation was essentially the same as the one I got before, but even clearer. You go in, list 6 schools. That becomes version 01 of the SAR. She said you make corrections to version 01 by deleting all 6 schools and adding 2 more. (You can leave 4 of the schools on if you want, but it may confuse you later.) That becomes version 02. Whenever College X downloads, they will get the latest version of anything with their school code on it (or earlier versions if they ask for it). No version is ever erased. When you go back in a few months to correct numbers, you do the same: choose version 01, change numbers, it become 03. Then you can either change the schools on 03, to become 04, or change the numbers on 02 to become 04.</p>

<p>The rep said she just got a call from someone applying to 20 schools, which means he'll have 4 versions for each round!</p>

<p>Dumb system, she agreed. She said she will also suggest the system be changed for next year.</p>

<p>So I'm convinced that the system will work as she (and the other rep) said. It doesn't matter when the schools download; as long as their school code is on a list, it will get the info.</p>

<p>Thank you so much! You beat me to it. I was going to call tomorrow about this. I don't know why we were apparently misinformed.</p>

<p>MotherLove, I called again. I got the answer that my H got this morning. You must wait until the school downloads, or they will not get the information. You can call all 6 schools. If three downloaded it, you may then change those 3, as long as you leave the 3 that have not downloaded it untouched. As far as number of changes, he says you don't need to worry about that. He says the fafsa tells you how many changes you can make (6 per day). He said if you want to make more you must wait a day. Who is right?</p>

<p>I asked a finaid officer at a New England school about the six school limit. She said that most students do not apply to more than 6 schools, and that in fact most apply to 3 or 4. Students from New England, and California tend to apply to more schools than six, but in other areas of the country, six is on the high side.</p>

<p>Because of the widespread confusion on this topic, I am posting something I just wrote for another, similar thread:</p>

<p>Today I spoke with financial aid officers at 2 schools that my kids "deleted" from their FAFSAs to make room for 2 additional schools. One of the schools I spoke with was an Ivy; the other was a top LAC. Both told me unequivocally that as long as a SAR was issued and was sent by FAFSA to the applicant (which it was, 2 days after my kids' original FAFSA submission), the schools will be able to retrieve that SAR. They told me that it does not matter when the school downloads since all SARs with the school's name/code on it will get to them. Both financial aid officers said they are inundated with queries like mine but assured me not to worry. As long as a SAR was issued, they will get it.</p>

<p>I'm completely comfortable with their explanation. It corroborates the info on the FAFSA site, despite the fuzziness of some of the FAFSA reps on this issue.</p>