Cortland for Speech Therapy

Does anyone have information about Cortlands Speech therapy program or any other SUNY’s?

Hi, I’m an undergrad at Cortland in the speech path program. It is a pretty intense program compared to the other majors at Cortland. A lot of my friends have changed to an easier major. The prof are a little intimidating because they said you won’t get into grad school if you don’t have above a 3.5 gpa. The department is small and almost everyone in the major is a girl. But, I have learned a lot and I’m really close with my classmates! I know new paltz has a very good program but I can’t say much about the other ones (Fredonia, buffalo). I think at Cortland you have to take more speech classes than new paltz (like voice disorders, neuro). I hope that helps, lmk if you have any other questions!

Sorry I am just getting back. Thank you for the great information. We just went on a college visit to Cortland and my daughter loved it. I think it is her number 1 right now.