COSEP for ED Students?

<p>I applied ED this yr and got in, but when I was applying, I checked a box saying I am interested in participating in the COSEP program, Committee on Special Educational Projects. I don't really know too much about it, but I think it's a summer program for freshmen that are minorities. I checked the box and haven't heard anything back yet... When would they tell you if you are in or not? April? or does it mean I wasn't chosen for that... Also anyone got in ED was notified that he or she has been selected for COSEP?</p>

<p>and... what is your summer plan =]</p>

<p>No, COSEP is not the summer program! COSEP is educational program for the minority students to help them in their educational goals or find students on campus jobs.<br>
The summer program is called PSP and is designed for minority students. EOP students are required to attend the summer program. However,some other minority students also get an offer to attend that program and is optional for those students.</p>

<p>yea, H/EOP students are required to attend the summer program, while other students can be invited to attend. i was not in H/EOP, but i was invited to and decided to attend PSP. i got my invite about a month and a half (apprx.) after receiving my ED acceptance letter. btw, the PSP program is not limited to "minority" students, as many believe. rather, the program is intended for students from historically disadvantaged areas. just to happens to be that much of this group is comprised of minority students.</p>

<p>sorry i got really lost......whats EOP and whats H/EOP.............</p>

<p>you can easily look that up on the Cornell site</p>

<p>lol ya found it~</p>

<p>so its for NY residents... i guess that rules me out -o- </p>

<p>thank you guys so much~</p>