Cost of Books?

<p>I know it probably depends on the classes taken, but what would be a ruff estimate for the cost of books for 1 semester with taking 5 classes?

<p>FA estimates $600/sem for books/supplies. As you said, it will vary depending on class, new vs. used vs. rental. In addition, it depends on "where" you get them from - i.e. GW bookstore, vs. Amazon Student, vs,</p>


<p>i got all my books for under 250 taking 4 classes...just google shopping search and theyll tell u the lowest prices on the internet</p>

<p>As of now, 4 out of 5 of my classes totals around $250. I'm still waiting on my fifth class to post a book list.</p>

<p>jconway - My "S"'s 5-classes, 17Cr book amt - $582. This is using a combination of Amazon Student, and the GW Bookstore. 1/2 used. Unfortunately - 3 of his classes use "proprietary" "books" that are looseleaf binders probably published by his professor where this no other option than to buy new. e.g. Econ 011, UW 020.</p>



<p>CJMadison, my daughter is taking econ 011 also and I was confused about the book situation. She is taking the class with Foster as the prof. It requires an i-clicker and it looks like a book with a looseleaf binder like you mentioned and it comes with an i-clicker coupon. I couldn't find the exact book number (isbn)on any other site but it looks like the description is the same except for the coupon being included so i wondered if that was why the isbn number was different. Am I wrong? We haven't ordered any books yet but need to get going on that soon.</p>

<p>saf - My "S" has Foster too for Econ 011. All I can figure is that the GW Bookstore has to get it since it's a Looseleaf Binder Text-probably a local GW university production. I also couldn't find it by ISBN anywhere else. He also has 2 other course similar. I guess we're stuck there. I think you can rent the "Clicker".</p>

<p>My "D" found this situation more and more common at her University for 2 reasons: 1st - they like to use textbooks by either the teaching professor/dept, and 2nd- the looseleaf binder texts are more current compared to the "regular" texts which are already 2 yrs old by the time they get published.</p>