Cost of Cornell

<p>Hey Everyone.</p>

<p>This question is for current/past Cornell students.</p>

<p>Im curious to how much Cornell is going to cost per year. I know the university provides a budget of around 54k or so (cant think of the figure off the top of my head) for each student, but based on what Ive been hearing from college friends, the costs are actually much higher. Can anyone share their costs at Cornell? About how much more than the 54k does it really cost? This include all possible expenses from dining out on the weekends to beer money.</p>

<p>well personal entertainment costs are going to vary quite a bit depending on how much you go out and whatnot. beer at frats is free. books and things also depend on if you buy used or new or rent, etc. you have to pay for a bus pass after your first year and for a parking permit if you want to bring a car. printing is like 11 cents a page (9? i don't remember) so depending on how much you print, there's that. it really depends on the person.</p>

<p>it depends on who you hang out with and what you want to do. there are a lot of things I pay for that seem "necessary" that all of my friends do, but a lot can probably be trimmed. for example:</p>

<p>-cabs: around $15 a night that I go out. you can walk to parties but its cold and can be far. When I'm with a group taking cabs it'd be weird to walk.
-dinners out: $30ish a meal including wine, once or twice a week.
-booze for pregaming etc in room: $50/month ish
-bars: drinks are around $5 each in the ctown bars</p>

<p>In the freshman budget they do not include the cost of hte health insurance so that is an extra $1500 right there. </p>

<p>How much are the fitness centers? </p>

<p>I did not realize that copies were 11 cents each. Wow, that seems like a lot. Do you get a budget where you get any free?</p>

<p>This is a great question/thread for those of use who are working to develop a reasonable budget.</p>

<p>you could buy an inexpensive printer - which we did for each kid. my dd still has hers from freshman year.</p>

you could buy an inexpensive printer - which we did for each kid. my dd still has hers from freshman year.


<p>The cost equals out to about the same once you factor in the costs of paper and ink.</p>

<p>Fitness center is $145 for the year. Depends on what kind of membership you want but that's the standard one anyways.</p>

<p>Whoa didn't think about health insurance.</p>

<p>So far your average costs might look like (annually): </p>

<p>Tuition: $39,666
Room and Board: $7500 (double)
Food: $2375 (Bear Choice)
Health Insurance: $1500 (according to TKsmom)
Fitness: $145
Personal expenses: $1500 (rough estimate)
Laundry: ?
Printing: ? (Cayugared, I'm sure you can scrounge off paper over time)
Books and Supplies: $780 (rough estimate)</p>

<p>At the moment, that comes down to $53,466. This is if you go cheap on the food of course, and there are a few expenses that still aren't factored. And of course personal expenses and books and supplies can vary as well. Hopefully I can shop for books online.</p>

<p>Travel to and from campus can vary quite a lot as well.</p>

<p>Money for extras like movie, sporting event like a hockey game, costs of doing a club or varsity sport, etc. I would put in a weekly estimate.</p>

<p>Fees for clubs, costs for clothing--i.e. buying a t shirt for a favorite club or sport.</p>

<p>Transportation to and from Cornell for visits home...</p>

<p>Office supplies like pens, paper, batteries, zip drives, light bulbs for the desk lamp, etc.</p>

<p>I am curious about the $780 for books per year. That seems really low to me compared to other schools budgets. I would love to hear from CAS and COE students to know what their annual book expenditure was. I guess if you buy used books and sell them back you could end up with $780.</p>

<p>If you buy used and sell back at the end of the years you could end up with about 500.</p>

<p>I'd say books for the year are closer to 1200 bucks when you first buy them.</p>


<p>DONT buy a printer. I printed out a lot and the cost of using the printers in Mann would have never surpassed the cost of a $40 printer, $20 for each ink cartridge, and $5 for paper.</p>

<p>Also-- I basically never take cabs; if you are in Greek life there is always a sober driver so that usually isn't an issue.</p>

<p>Textbooks are also a huge sunken costs; never buy them from the bookstore, use Ebay or GoogleBooks.</p>

<p>You can opt out of SHIP (student health insurance) as well. </p>

<p>What else...I spent a lot of money on trips to NYC/internet shopping since there isnt any here. If you are coming from somewhere warm, expect to drop a lot your first year on winter clothes.</p>

Whoa didn't think about health insurance.


That's probably because your parents already have it. You only need SHIP if you don't already have health insurance (fill out the waiver, which is available in July, or they'll charge you!). If not, you're paying the $1500 (unless you still qualify for SCHIP--some states give SCHIP, free or low cost insurance, to "children" as old as 20--or are poor enough for Medicaid). Why don't you have health insurance? If your parents are between job(s), tell them to get COBRA or try to find cheap short-term insurance until they get into the new plan. If your parents have job(s) and still don't have health insurance, they may be eligible to buy (the money's taken out of their pay, just like it was a tax or retirement contribution), even if they're part time, health insurance through their employer. It'll likely be cheaper than SHIP and the whole family will be covered, something you probably want (your 40/50 something parents need health insurance a whole lot more than you do!).
Criteria for a plan to pass Cornell's requirements and get you out of paying for SHIP:


be provided by a company licensed to do business in the United States, with a US claim payment office and US phone number</p>

<h1>provide coverage in the Ithaca area for outpatient and inpatient medical care. (A policy that provides coverage in the Ithaca area on an “emergency care only” basis does not meet this requirement.)*</h1>

<h1>provide coverage in the Ithaca area for outpatient and inpatient mental health care *</h1>

<h1>have a maximum benefit of at least $500,000 per year</h1>

<h1>remain in force as long as you are a registered student at Cornell</h1>

<h1>cover pre-existing conditions