Cost of graduate school?

I'm trying to figure out some stuff regarding undergrad financial aid. What I choose to do may seriously affect how much $ I have to pay for graduate school. </p>

<p>So, I was wondering how much graduate school usually is. PhD in law or philosophy? What is a typical yearly cost and about how long does it take??</p>

<p>thanks a bunch</p>

<p>PhD programs are generally fully funded -- the program pays your full tuition, and you receive a small living stipend. There are also fellowship programs run by various organizations which will pay tuition and a stipend, and which are generally resume boosters.</p>

<p>You should not ever have to pay for a PhD.</p>

<p>AS molliebatmit indicates, for non-professional graduate degrees (i.e. NOT MD, MBA, LLD, etc) you should pay absolutely nothing. </p>

<p>Time to completion varies considerably with the field, the program and the student. In a perfect world, 5 years is "normative". In the real world, particularly in the humanities, the actual time can be MUCH greater. The usual hang-up comes at the dissertation phase.</p>

<p>Be aware that the PhD is a research degree that prepares you for a career as a college professor. In the humanities those jobs are very thin on the ground these days.</p>

<p>^Haha, yes, you can get paid for your PhD, but it's getting paid afterward that's trick. :)</p>

<p>Alright, thanks guys. Away from the PhD, how much would a degree from a law school (LLD?) cost?</p>

<p>Mid $50's to $120K plus for the 3 year's tuition.</p>

<p>Any one know anything about PhD funding in the UK?</p>

<p>A PhD in any self respecting school around the world is fully funded. Actually strike that, even in no-name schools, a PhD is fully funded. If it's not, you're looking at some really loser school. Period. </p>

<p>But note that in return for this investment in you, the school will expect a lot from you. A PhD is not a paid surrogate to a Masters degree, as many young applicants seem to think. In general, depending on your subject, a doctorate will require a significant amount of in-depth study in some basics (very quant heavy) and then in one area of your thesis. Better be prepared to go ten miles deep one inch wide (as opposed to an MBA, say, which is ten miles wide but about an inch deep).</p>