Cost of Pepperdine

Pepperdine is my first choice dream college and I was accepted for fall 2021. I am very thankful but I don’t know if I can afford to go. I did not receive a merit scholarship but I did receive some financial aid. I will have to take very large loans to make my dreams happen even with my parents helping some. Any advice…

How much will you have to take in loans for undergrad? Have you been accepted to any more affordable schools?

You can only take out $5,500 in loans freshman year and $27K in total for 4 years of undergrad ($6.5K soph/$7.5K/$7.5K). Larger loans than that will require your parents to take out loans, or co-sign loans for you.

I am about 20 short. Oh thanks for the info, I did not know that about loans, I have been reading up about them now. I have a few offers and still waiting for others to come in. I am just not sure I want to take on that kind of debt.

Would you have to take $20k per year in loans, or $20k over the 4 years? If it’s $20k year/$80k total, that’s too much…and again, only $27k of that debt would be yours, the other $53k your parents’.

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Yes 20 per year and my parents giving me 30 a year. Thanks for you input, super helpful as I am not familiar with how the loans work.

Your parents would have to take out loans for you.
The problem with some of these loans is that some are pay-as-you-go. So while you’re in school, your parents would have to pay thousands that they really didn’t expect to pay along with your other expenses.
There are extra expenses:
Health insurance required by the college.
Spending money that you would need for what I called wear and tear: toiletries, school supplies, lab fees, uber/lyft if you don’t have a car, etc.
The beach areas are expensive, so you do need spending money.

If it’s not affordable, please don’t saddle your parents with future bills. It’s not worth it.


Thanks for your wisdom, I probably don’t want to saddle my folks, I do have other options and still waiting to hear from a few schools. I am sure I will end up where I am meant to be, it is just hard to figure it out.


You’re a good person to honor your parents’ hard work. You will land where you are supposed to be and will do well!
Good Luck!!

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