Cost of UC's for instate vs outstate???

<p>How much does it cost for instater and outstater? Is there a huge difference? If I lived in California do I have a better chance at getting accepted to UC graduate schools with a lower cost?</p>

<p>Oh and how long do you have to live in Cali to be actually considered a resident... ?</p>

<p>It is WAY more expensive from out of state. They add 17,820 for out of state tuition expenses. </p>

<p>To be considered a resident they say at the earliest you can do this is Junior year. It requires
1. making it appear that you will make CA your permenent home, ie register to vote, license, etc
2. living in california for a year (freshman year)
3. also you have to be independent of your parents for 2 years, and a few other regulations</p>

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<p>Good luck, its expensive but it'll be worth it! Im coming from TX and the loans are outrageous but itll pay off!</p>