Costco eyeglasses?

<p>I just had y eye exam and got a new prescription, but my insurance eyeglass plan says I cant get new frames for another 6 mos. Ugh. ANd by the time I add in the extra cost for the special thinner lenses, protective coating, etc, it add up. They did say I could get lenses, just not frames, which are costly. So I am thinking of taking the prescription to Costco. The eyeglass places try to claim that the Costco frames are older, (last year's ) models). Anyone had experience with the Costco frames?</p>

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<p>I’ve gotten numerous pairs of glasses at Costco … frames and lenses. I’ve been very happy with mine … very good value for the cost. If there is a sale somewhere else the sale might be a better deal (Cambridge EyeWear often has 2-for-1 deals for example) … but for everyday prices Costco is pretty good. That said there are limitations … they have limited options for both frames and lenses. So if you want a million choices of frames or the latest style of frames you may find Costco’s options too limiting. My eyes are pretty simple (not too bad near sightedness) so their lens choices are just fine … Mom3ToGo’s eyes are pretty bad … depending on what she wants Costco does not always work. Bottom line … like most Costco products … if you want a good value on a pretty standard option Costco is a good place to check … .if you have a unique need or want the latest and greatest it might not be the best place to look. Good luck!</p>

<p>I have gotten my glasses only at Costco for at least 10 years or so. I get an annual eye exam too. The only drawback would be that you have to wait a week or two to get them, there’s no “glasses in one hour” service. For me, there seems to be plenty of choices but I’m not a fashion maven about glasses and I don’t have to wear them all the time either.</p>

<p>DS broke his glasses on trip. We got him an emergency pair at Sam’s Club-- cheap & fast. The glasses were just fine. Even looks-conscious teenager declared them acceptable. </p>

<p>I buy them there all of the time. I cancelled the eye insu on DH’s plans because using the associated vendors cost more than finding my own even with the plan. Places like Lenscrafters just integrated the plan into their deals so the net cost is more. I would get the family exams and then go to Costco for the hardware. Then found that I could go cheaper overall or close without the plan. </p>

<p>DH and I have also only been using Costco. In our case, Costco even takes our insurance (VSP).</p>

<p>Ijust got a pair of polarized progressive lens sunglasses at The frames were $12.95 and the polarized progressive lenses were $57. They are just great–now I can drive and see my satellite radio at the very same time!</p>

<p>Costco doesn’t offer too many frame options, but for basic simple glasses, the price and value can’t be beat!</p>

<p>We get all our glasses and contacts at Costco. There is a $20 discount if you buy two pair (for the same person) at a time. I usually pay less than $200 for a pair of progressive bifocals with reflective coating. The last time I ordered them they said it would be two weeks but four days later they called to say they were in.</p>

<p>I have purchased several pairs from Costco and been very happy. They let me change out the lenses on my daughter’s pair when her prescription changed and I have brought each of my pairs in and had them adjusted at no cost. Every so often they have a coupon in their mailer for a buy one get a 2nd pair half off and I’ve used that to get one regular pair and a pair of sunglasses. </p>

<p>I didn’t realize there even were “last year’s models” in eyewear like clothing! I needed two prescriptions for mine-one pair for driving, one for reading. My eyes are too different to allow for progressive ones. The front office at the eye doctor’s insisted I needed special thinner glass ($$), special very expensive frames ($$$) and the insurance only covered a fraction of only one pair ($$$). So I took my prescription and went online and found Zenni optical. I have never looked back. I think my last, very fashionable pair (although I don’t know if they are last year’s model) cost my $12.95, everything included. I do NOT get the special thinner glass because it is simply not necessary. It’s a nice trick to get you to pay up at the doc’s though. I tell everyone I know about Zennni. I’ve never known anyone to be disappointed.</p>

<p>How about BJs? We are thinking about going there!</p>

<p>i buy my glasses at Costco and have been very happy with them. The frames arent the super duper latest fashion statement but they are good enough for me. Worth shopping there to check out.</p>

<p>What? Last year’s frames! Egad! I think we need to get the administration to shut them down. Doggone big stores trying to foist last year’s tired old frames on us! What? The lenses are the same? I can still see well? Thumper, you need to edit your question. It made me laugh, but that is not appropriate, even on the Parent Cafe.</p>

<p>My new clothes are all last year designer stuff acquired at steep discount from fancy-pants retailers and discounters. Since as soon as this stuff goes on sale, it flies off the shelves, there is a whole slice of the population that is perfectly fine wearing last years fashion. Jym, I suspect you will not be the only one wearing “last year’s frames”. :)</p>

<p>Mr B gets his glasses from Costco and is very happy with them. Our local Costco does have a somewhat limited selection of men’s frames, but their women’s selection is much better. </p>

<p>“Last year’s frames”? Is it usual to buy new frames every year? That’s just silly. Get them at Costco and enjoy the savings. </p>

<p>BJ’s is a membership big box store like Costco on the east coast, I think. My sister in NH is a member. It’s ok on CC, lol.</p>

<p>Hahahaha I didn’t even realize that there were trends every year for glasses. I got my RayBans from Costco for $99-- they also carry other designers like Calvin Klein and Oscar de la Renta. </p>

<p>Our family of 4 have been purchasing our glasses from Costco as soon as they opened a store in our neighborhood (I believe it was 1992). We have been very very satisfied customers. They replace nose pads, make free adjustments, even replace the lenses or frames within the year if your Rx changes. They are the epitome of CUSTOMER SERVICE. </p>

<p>One caveat–the branch near our home in the suburbs is MUCH nicer and more competent than the other branch that is in the city. We will NOT buy eyewear from that other branch again. Each Costco store we’ve been to ends up with its own culture and personality. The one 5 minutes from our home is the VERY nicest I’ve ever been to, which colors my opinion of all things Costco.</p>