Costs and Financial Aid: living with parents or living on my own?

I am from Illinois and considering getting my own place mainly because my commute is very long. This means I would get an on campus job, nonetheless I would still remain for the most part dependent on my parents.
I was wondering if I went ahead with the plan would I receive less money on my fafsa or maybe more? Honestly, I feel like I already maxed out because my family doesn’t make much, but not sure(I got the pell grant, and the state grant).
I still pay some of my tuition though. If fafsa or my university were to give me more money(not loans) for my added expense ( rent for when living on my own) that would be great…Not expecting them to pay for everything(they never do) but a helping hand would be appreciated in my circumstances.
If they were to give me less than what I already get that would be a MAJOR criteria for not getting a place. I’m already struggling, and don’t need anymore cuts…

No, you will not get any additional need based aid, because you decide to move out of your parents house. In fact there is a strong possibility of you getting less aid.

How are you paying for your own place?

IF you make over $6000 your EFC is going to go up by half the money you make over the 6k. So if you make 8k, then your EFC is going up by $1000, reducing the amount of Pell that you will be eligible for.

State and federal grants are based on your parents’ income and assets unless you’re 24. If you’re getting the maximum grants, you won’t get more.

I am about to start on an on campus job, but Ill be making way less then that amount so think I’m good. If fafsa most probably will not give me any extra money, I sure hope they don’t add insult to injury by reducing the amount I receive now.

How will you pay to rent anywhere if you have a part time job? Will your parents pay rent?

Nope I will pay. The rent is really cheap, plus I will have roommates. But if I need help I’m sure my parents wouldn’t mind lending a helping hand. As I said before I’m still dependent on my parents for the most part.

If you parents incone islow enough for you to be Pell eligible, it may really be a stretch to subsidize your living away from home.
You have an on campus job, what happens when school is not on session or times when business is slow. You may not be guaranteed your hours each week. If you are getting work study it may not be enough to pay for an apartment.

If you look off campus, can you get a better paid job with better hours and all year with full time hours i school holiday time? Also have you done the math for living off campus? Utilities, food, do you have a car? Transport? And you have to pay rent all year, vs just term time? I live in a state where living out as a roomie is really cheap too but not a campus job of 10 hours a week cheap. If your commute is say, 2 hours a day and that is time you can spend earning money at a paid job, that is a consideration. But define cheap. Do your folks feed you and pay for your vehicle?