Could a bad exam score result in acceptance being rescinded?

<p>I had a hypothetical question. In the event that someone is accepted to Harvard, what would it take for admissions to be rescinded? I've heard that D's or E's could do it, but I haven't heard about really poor test scores. I'm currently taking the hardest math class my school offers, and while I pulled out an A miraculously first quarter, I'll probably be getting a B this quarter (my first ever, which will change my 4.0). </p>

<p>Since Harvard won't see this until the mid or final year report (after decisions are mailed), does it matter at all? And if I do extremely poorly on the final IB exam for this class, would that bear any weight? I'm literally going crazy over this one stressful class, and my siblings have been telling me to stop caring so much.</p>

<p>If you are admitted to Harvard in the SCEA cycle, your acceptance hinges upon maintaining the same standards for the remainder of your senior year. There is some wiggle-room though, so dropping from an A to a B in ONE course is not an issue. Dropping from an A to a C or D in one course or several courses might possibly be an issue – and Admissions deals with that on a case-by-case basis. </p>