Could Anybody Please Leave Suggestions of Protestant Colleges?

Hey guys.

By any chance, would anybody know about any high-ranking Protestant colleges and universities with good aviation or aeronautical engineering programs? I keep trying to find schools like Baylor for example that have good engineering and aviation programs, but other than that, I cannot seem to find any other Protestant schools with decent rankings and education. And when I do find a decent school, it does not seem to be the right fit for me. Can someone please leave some suggestions?

P.S. would the users of this thread also please rank how religious some of these schools are if they happen to know?


Hey, that’s pretty specific… Lol. I would recommend opening up to more choices when it comes to colleges. I am not saying that Catholics and Protestants are the same, but you should consider Georgetown and Notre Dame. Both of them are really good Catholic Schools and offer a decent engineering program.

University of Dubuque has an aviation BS, and is affiliated with PC-USA. Liberty University also offers an aviation BS, though I’d consider that college more evangelical than Protestant. No idea about the program ranking for either.

Texas Christian University does, I believe. Worth checking out.

This is the search engine you want:

Click on the + sign next to "More Search Options, and you will get a list of other factors to include in your search, including religious affiliation.

Then again, given that a search for 4 year programs in “Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science and Technology, General” yields a list of only 53 institutions, it shouldn’t take you any time at all to check them out.

What exactly do you mean by “protestant”? Do you mean colleges that are affiliated with Adventism, Anglicanism, Baptists, Calvinism (Reformed Protestantism), Lutheranism, Methodism, Pentecostalism, etc? Are you looking for affiliation or active religiosity?

And, what do you mean by “high ranking” and “good” programs? Which is more important, the ranking or the religion?

Most of the top programs are at public universities, which are definitionally secular.

I mean any Protestant denominations that have well-known programs.

I am like @collegemom3717 confused regarding what you are looking for and why.

Many universities have a small church or chapel on campus that you can visit.

Is your intention to have fellow students who are more likely to be in tune with protestant moral values than you might find at a secular university? I suspect that you will find drinking on campus at a wide range of universities. You will also find quite a few very serious students on campus at a wide range of universities.

It’s a little early to look for specific colleges and programs. Focus on finishing your sophomore year with strong grades.

Something you can do now is to start talking budget with your parents. NJ has some very good schools. Are they willing/able to pay for you to go out of state? You can start preparing for the SAT/ACT too. Those scores and your GPA will affect your options. Try to enjoy high school without worrying so much about college. Things will work themselves out.

Valparaiso university has a well regarded engineering program and a Lutheran heritage. Religious activity is available but not required on campus. An undergraduate specialization is not required (and by some not encouraged) if you want a career in the aeronautical industry. Check it out.

Auburn has a strong aviation program and a conservative student body. If you are looking for like minded students, you should be able to find them there.

While TCU has church affiliation and a somewhat conservative student population, it is not “christian” in the sense that there are many rules, no partying, required chapel etc.

Le Tourneau University in East Texas has a strong aviation program and a distinctly Christian culture, but I don’t know that they qualify as a highly ranked school.

TCU is affiliated with the Disciples of Christ, a relatively mainline denomination.

Check out:

Strong academics with very committed Christian culture:
Patrick Henry College (Very strong Academics but geared to political service)
Grove City College
Covenant College
Taylor University

Decent Academics with overt Christian Culture that is either diluted or leaning toward secular belief systems:
Eastern Mennonite University
Gordon College
Messiah College
Regent University

Weak Academics with overt Christian culture
Liberty University
Bob Jones University

Strong Academics with culture that is at least friendly to Christian culture:
Hillsdale College

Pepperdine? There are very few aero-eng programs for undergrads and there no good reason to specialize as an undergrad. You could do EE or ME and open up many more school options.