Could anyone please chance my friend for Ohio State, Purdue, UNC Charlotte, NCSU, and FIT?

My friend isn’t on CC, so he asked me to post a chance thread for him. He’s an international student from India. Please chance him for Ohio State, Purdue, UNC Charlotte, North Carolina State University, and Florida Institute of Technology. He is applying for Computer Science.

[] SAT I (breakdown): 1710 (470 CR 670 M 570 W)
] ACT:
[] SAT II: Math Level 2 - 690 and Physics - 550
] TOEFL: 92
[] Unweighted GPA (out of 10): 8.76 [9.0/10 9th Grade (CBSE), 9.0/10 10th Grade (CBSE), 390/470 (83%) 11th Grade (Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education)]
[li] Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 15/213[/li][
] AP (place score in parenthesis):
[] IB (place score in parenthesis):
] Senior Year Course Load:
[li] Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): 2011 International Assessments for Indian Schools by UNSW Global - Credit in Science (Top 10%), 9th Grade[/li]Meridian School, Madhapur Certificate of Excellence - 1st Place in Computers (Meridian Techie), 10th Grade
Meridian School, Madhapur Perseverance Award, 9th Grade

[] Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Co-created a social networking website with a friend. Programmed the entire site and currently running it - Burst. (, 10th,11th, and 12th Grades
Co-created an iOS app with a friend. Programmed the entire app and currently handle finances of the app - Preview, 12th Grade
Participated in the AngelHack Hackathon May 2014, 12th Grade
Have been playing Tabla for 7 years. Played in 4 public concerts and 5 school annual day shows. Participated in many district competitions.
Captain and Team Selector of school cricket team. Won 2nd place in Inter school tournament and won a total of 7 inter school matches, 9th and 10th Grades
Midfielder in Suryas House Soccer Team. Won Meridian School, Madhapur Inter House soccer tournament, 9th and 10th Grades
Secretary of Ecology Club, 9th Grade
Captain and Team Selector of Suryas House Dodgeball Team. Won 1st place in Inter house dodgeball tournament, 10th Grade
Suryas House Basketball Team: Won 1st place in Inter House Basketball Tournament, 9th Grade
] Job/Work Experience:
[] Volunteer/Community service: Installed a computer lab at a poor govt school. Taught the kids there basic computer skills
] Summer Activities:
[] Essays: Good
] Teacher Recommendation: Good
[] Counselor Rec: Good
] Additional Rec:
[li] Interview:[/li]
[] State (if domestic applicant):
] Country (if international applicant): India
[] School Type: Private
] Ethnicity: Indian
[] Gender: Male
] Income Bracket: 50-60K
[*] Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.):


You definitely should retake SAT and get that critical reading up. Also do not send that Physics SAT II score because it is extremely unimpressive but I think you have a solid shot at all of those schools, and should probably choose some reach schools also.

The ECs are pretty impressive but those only wouldn’t make up for his lack in scores. I too think he should retake the SAT I and SAT IIs and get the scores up, those scores would be a huge downer because the first thing colleges look at is standardized test scores.

The critical reading is way below even the average, tho if the TOEFL score was good it could’ve made it up for it, but that too is under average.

Scores are primary, recommendations and ECs are secondary. Best of luck to him.

Thanks @diplomill and @Digitallyshrewd

The 1710 is his 2nd attempt. I don’t think he has any time to retake the SAT, now that it’s almost March. And he only sent the Physics score to 1 university. I don’t know which. Thanks again.



i think he has a good shot at purdue university,ncsu and osu .
I had the nearly same sat score -1730
9th and 10th gpa :-10
11th- 87%
got into purdue university, ncsu and ohio
major:- computer engineering