Could Elbert Einstein get into a selective college today?

<p>I watched a short clip for children that claimed that Einstein couldn’t get a job after graduation because his adviser refused to write him a letter of recommendation. I find that funny. So the title might be entertaining even in this time of year. What kind of test scores might he have? Essays, LORs, and interviews?</p>

<p>I doubt any college would accept a dead person, regardless of their qualifications.</p>


<p>Is Elbert Albert's non-genius brother?</p>

<p>Would he even want to?</p>

<p>He did not care to stay in regular school, he was a major pain for every teacher, did not respect them and freely express what he felt. He self-studied most that he wanted to know.</p>

<p>Contrary to the popular image of a kindly white haired genius, as a young man he was obnoxious.</p>

<p>Our Person of the Century was defined by the letter E. Make it double.</p>

<p>Looking at the 3-year old cartoon Einstein who couldn’t talk, my son who started walking and talking well before his first birthday had a good laugh. Not laughing at him of course.</p>

<p>His LORs probably would have held him back. Depending on his essays, maybe Chicago if I had to chance him.</p>

<p>He might have luck if some unaware person confused him with Albert Einstein.</p>