Could having a medical endorsement in high school impact my chances of being an engineering major?

Hey everyone. I’m an upcoming junior in a Texas high school, and we have this thing called endorsements where you pick a career-related area you want to focus on in freshmen year. Then, a couple of elective classes are assigned accordingly to your schedule. For example, when school starts, I will be taking a class called “clinical rotations” where you’re driven out to a hospital to assist and overlook doctors.

Back then, I was in that whole “I want to be a doctor” craze, so I blindly chose medical. I’ve put some thought into this, and I know that I would like to major in some discipline of engineering. While I’m not concerned with Ivy League schools, I would like to go to a school like UT Austin. If my GPA, rank, SAT scores, and extra-curricular activities are good, will this medical endorsement impact my chances of being accepted into an engineering major?

No. Schools understand that interests change between 9th grade and now.